Sphere Time from the top

1) I do want an Aesthetically Engineered Life

Years ago, I defined this as AE = SOR + COM + CreaLuc. 

(State of Readiness + Community + Creative Lucrative Work)

2) And I have concluded that I also want to have a Tourable MeaningPlace life, meaning wherever I went, my life would have meaning and that I also wanted to exercise this desire to see a larger world hence the desire for Touring. This touring will need to be hybrid in that some of it is in person and some is virtual.

3) Music has to continue to have a prime spot in my life and even be promoted to be more central, which is a big deal considering it already has been extremely important, but the difference is now I believe I am functioning at just about a professional level and it is time to push this over the edge to get there.

4) Although I love music enough to have had several shadow careers in it (Bose, Apple and more), a real career in music pays much less than my shadow careers, which brings me to wanting to integrate music into another career but still with a critical mass of musicality which could evolve into the more professional and more compensated dimension of concertizing instead of being either a middle ground or background musician.

5) As I no longer think it possible or desirable for me to work for someone else, the ability to be a high-level freelancer leads me back toward being a keynote presenter.  This can be a nonlinearly compensated role that also integrates and satisfies the desire to be paid to tour. 

My Hypothesis is there is a rather elegant way to satisfy all of these five observed desires, and that is to become a Touring Concertizing Keynoter. And that this places upon me several synergistic demands including being fit instead of fat and having a ton of original content to perform both in person and virtually digitally. By the way, the tagline for ESCAtech (my multimedia company) was Making Information Perform.

To test the hypothesis that I can create an interactive emotionally engaging media-rich portal, it is now time to invent and manifest an adaptive metalinear narrative platform using the Spheres Architecture I invented years ago at ESCtech.

To accomplish this, I have to create a large pile of object-oriented content which I refer to as spheres. This means in essence that I have to become a sphere maker. And this is something I have wanted to be for nearly thirty years, but instead hired people to do it for me because the company grew too quickly for me to do it. (A possibly nice problem to have).

Therefore the time has come to embrace who I truly am which is not only an involuntary improvising innovator but an extremely multidimensional one, so much so that it requires me to be a polymath which I evidently also am.

Converging external economic, political, psychological and fitness pressures all combine to make this something that has to happen literally right now!

Therefore I need to consistently, constantly, continually, continuously and consciously create context.  (C7 rears its head once again decades later.)

The great news is I now have the time and the need to be exactly who I truly am, and this is a very exciting proposition. And if the hypothesis cannot be validated then no harm no foul, as I already have had close to seventy years of a shadow life and still have another 15 to possibly 35 more to manifest this on a very high level.

In order to actually do this, some ground rules have been evolving which basically divide my life in half where from 10 PM to 10 AM is spent resting, recovering and prepping for the other twelve hours from 10 AM to 10 PM where I am actively living the SphereMaker Life that potentially can satisfy all of the above requirements and even more.

These Spheres can operate in multiple modes; hands-free (sound centric), ears-free (vision centric) or for maximal emotional engagement taking full advantage of the interactive metalinear narrative format by combining eyes, ears, and adaption to behavior profiling with a bias for action.  In other words, the story will tell itself even if the audience does not consciously indicate choices and preferences.

Each mode also has sub-modes. For example, the maximal engagement mode can have clickable hyperlinked text, bullets, and video of me speaking with the sonic component being either none, straight narrator-presenter voice, or can have an underpinning original music track composed and performed by me. In fact, since the sound can stand alone and visual content can be turned off, this yields a podcast radio program type of format. Each sphere will also have a title (perhaps blasphemous) and some imagery perhaps photographic, illustrated, diagrammatic or synthesized. And each sphere will exhibit Bias-For-Action behavior meaning it will progress to another related sphere to tell a story.

Assuming these sphere building blocks have durations of three to five minutes depending on whether read, listened to, watched or interacted with, roughly 50 spheres will be around three plus hours of content. Or more than most people will go through at a sitting and if anyone does, we should make them a member of the team.

These three hours of content can be used to create a ten-week course cohort, a book, a podcast, several albums of original music, a multi-segment tv type show as fuel to launch a rich discord, and taken together act as a new kind of platform which is also a portal to enter into dialog with a fairly infinite number of other forums, professional groups, speaker agencies, as we will have enough content to comment on and enter into all sorts of conversations. In short, this permits the creation of a book of business because several of these outcomes can be monetized. Content that is repurposable as well as emotionally engaging and intellectually stimulating is key to the business model.

I assume that I can create roughly 5 spheres every two weeks, which means a critical mass of content would exist before the end of the year and that by then we, or at least I will be fully engaged in a clearly scalable deployment process.

Basically, I expect to have created a new professional life in a highly differentiated uniquely engaging manner. And no I do not intend to wait until this is all done to begin to engage the outside world, but to have a very complete minimum viable product, I think this pile of connected content is needed.  There would then be a there – there and SVIII could truly launch internationally.

Jitu, you are very welcome to play any role you find interesting and have the time for, but I am now going ahead as this simultaneously completes a large set of lifelong arcs and has a very reasonable chance of succeeding in one or more ways.