One Dream to Rule Them All

Day 156 Week 23 Q2 Tuesday, June 6, 2023

Can you be a single person instead of a multitude? Can integrity outlast factionalism? To be a single person may be the ultimate creative task for a creative outlier. After all, you are one person, and every time you live a small subset of the total you, you are sub dimensionally projecting yourself; it may seem like society prefers the fractionalized version of you. Or that a career requires the subordination of all of your interests to s single main role which can be controlled in order to be counted upon. And that this is the best way to be steadily compensated, not gig economy lumpy compensation. Perhaps there have been decades of stability, where things remain so much the same that relative security exists by working within the same company, institution or enterprise for your entire work life.

And if you are a parent with multiple dependents, a compelling single career in the same place, with a dog and a house in the suburbs, perhaps you can be happy. I can not. And if you have an excessive number of ideas and an excessive amount of energy to act upon those ideas, maybe even largely fueled by those ideas, you may also find it hard to do this as well. There are more choices than being monolithic or being broken. A lumpy life can have integrity and meaning and also be productive. A strong moral compass can provide permission to stay creatively unstuck. I do not mean any of these words as pejoratives. Some people have two different color eyes, intellectual proclivities which can not be contained by a single field, and an appetite for adventure and change. This does not mean they are freaks or outlaws. They may be inconvenient to have as partners, subordinates or bosses. They may rock the boat uncomfortably. But they are also where tomorrow comes from.

Do they have a harder time collaborating? Perhaps. Perhaps because they do not live in the same world as everyone else. To some degree, this is true of everyone. We are all creative outliers or at least have been seen we were younger. None of us can truly completely understand the other. As we are all deviants to some degree or another, it is hypocritical to attempt to wipe out diversity. It is impossible in a society desiring to move forward. To wipe out diversity puts an entire population at risk of extinction. Humanity has avoided extinction because of our tremendous ability to adapt. Could those in charge want to eliminate this ability? Or force everyone only to adapt to their desires? Do any of these “decision makers” really know what to do?

The only person to supervise is yourself. If not, others will gladly fill the vacuum. Can you find one dream to rule them all? One which contains all of your desires and proclivities? You can and it requires significant creativity and will. Is there a choice? Not for me.