One Hand Tied Behind

Day 25 Week 4 Q1  Wednesday, January 25, 2023

Okay, Creative Outliers, I bet you know how to do many things, some of them really incredibly well. Have you ever found yourself working on an extended project for one reason or another where you were doing things not incredibly well? Of course, we can not do everything with equal skill. Some things we are naturally better at, and then there are things we simply like to do more which may or may not be the ones we do incredibly well.

I bring this up because we may often be operating with what seems like one hand tied behind our backs. This is not a bad thing. It just is. All tasks and proclivities are not created equal. The thing is, you may be cruising along, doing a pretty good job of things and feeling pretty good about yourself and your output and outcomes when some activity comes up that you can really blow away with effortless excellence. It can take you by surprise because you may not have been thinking about this at all, but when you do it, you realize wait a minute, I am really good at this.

And then it hits you, you have fallen into operating with one hand tied behind your back, or sometimes it may even feel like both hands have been tied behind your back. Well, that thing you do really well, that makes you feel really terrific, do more of it. You know the feeling. There are some things you feel like you were born to do. They are effortless, you do them really well, and they make you feel great.

Well, just because you may have been born to do something does not mean you get to do it all that often. It may be too inconvenient or too expensive, or perhaps no one in your current circumstances actually wants you to do this thing. Bummer! But you can still occasionally make time to do it and feel just how powerful you can be and actually are. 

You might even be able to alter your circumstances to do it more. Maybe not all the time and not every day, but some of the time. After all, you deserve to get a turn as well, and there may not even be any reason you were not asking for your turn. It may offend no one and not be out of reach logistically; you may simply have forgotten that this makes you feel great. In fact, you may even have forgotten that sometimes you do feel great.

You have been operating with One hand Tied Behind Your Back.  Untie it and soar for a while. You can always return to the other things you have to do, but you must remind yourself that you are powerful at things you may not be doing. And perhaps there is a good reason not to be doing them. But there are also probably actions that permit you to untie your hand and fly. 

Remind yourself that even though among eight billion people, we may each be insignificant, there are also things that remind you that you are special and have unique gifts worth exercising once in a while.

How can we be insignificant and special at the same time? A good trick, huh? Well, the fact of the matter is they are both true. We are both insignificant and special at the same time.

Untie your hand and remind yourself of this.