Opportunistic Focused Discipline 

Day 012 Week 02 Friday, January 12, 2024

There are times when a confluence of opportunity and crisis converge upon you, and yes, there is a Chinese symbol that means both. It surprises me how the impingement of too many incoming excitations can be tremendously focusing because you simply do not have the time to engage in or even entertain the notion of too many distractions. 

I suppose this can be characterized as discipline, but when the choice is to rise to the occasion or get swept away, I am not sure how much discipline is involved. It is kind of an involuntary focus brought on by the need to be focused and prioritized.  

And I guess some may think of this as a discipline, but I think of it more as survival. In any case, this is quite welcome and can make you feel fully alive because there is a lot on the line, and when there is nothing on the line, it is hard for me to get excited and fully engaged. 

Wait a minute. Are you saying you need to have problems and perhaps even crises to get in gear? Well, yes, I am.  We have tremendous reserves of power and clarity when we need them. And most of the time, we simply do not need them at all. The crises I refer to do not have to be physically life-threatening, but they can be metaphorically life-threatening because missed opportunities are actually missed opportunities. 

You may not die, but some of your dreams might if you do not rise to the occasion to completely or at least mostly manifest them. And life is but a dream, right? Most of us have never experienced physical danger if we made it out of our twenties and thirties. By then, we will be doing fewer crazy things and will now reserve our danger for emotional, intellectual, and psychological dangers.

I do not take these dangers lightly, as it usually takes longer to heal from dashed dreams than a broken arm. I guess it depends upon how vested in your dreams you permit yourself to become. If you are a creative outlier, there is a very reasonable chance that you are seriously vested in your dreams. Or at least more seriously vested in your dreams than those who are less able to invent a world to go and live in for whatever reasons, and there are plenty of totally legitimate ones like families, mortgages, deaths in the family, and more.

But if you are not encountering any of the normal problems people have, there are more problems of the imagination about what could be. If you step up and show up. And if you can take advantage of Opportunistic Focused Discipline, you just might hit it out of the park today and tomorrow.