Organizational Backhoe

Day 133 Week 20 Q2 Sunday, May 12, 2024

Sometimes, there is enough chaos and entropy surrounding you that you need to bring in heavy equipment. If you are a knowledge worker, there has been a major shift in what heavy equipment looks like. Heavy equipment used to be a new file cabinet, a new desk, or moving the furniture around in your office. If you are a knowledge worker today, heavy equipment might look like a new cloud account, a new app, or even a new computer.

The heavy equipment has not become less expensive, but it has become more in your head and less in your body and the physical world. Of course, even if you are a knowledgeable worker, you still have to deal with physical issues. Even knowledge workers have office supplies of some type or screwdrivers, power supplies, or other kinds of tools. Sometimes, we accumulate so many tools to assist us that we need new shelves, file cabinets, or drawers.

At times, this is precipitated by a move, flood, pandemic, change in occupation, or preoccupation. Having experienced all of the above within the last couple of years, it has become clear that I needed some sort of organizational backhoe.

You know, some heavy equipment to move a lot of stuff. In my case, eight new sets of shelves that are each 7 feet tall by 3 feet wide and 15 inches deep represented 40 shelves. And that is 40 large shelves. It’s a good thing I have a basement, except that it is also full of stuff, so in order to put the shelves in the right places, a lot of things need to move, and we are talking about 120 linear feet of shelves that can hold a lot of stuff. And there are a lot of things to have, from what was already in the basement to what is upstairs in the house.

This is the equivalent of an organizational backhoe. You will have to move a lot of land around, except in this case, it is books, tools, musical instruments, computers, clothing, and everything else that could fill an entire house and an entire life.

So, where do we start? The only reasonable place to start is with what kind of life you want to have, what kind of life you have already, and how you set things up to be able to move from what you have to where you intend to go. This is not so simple because many of these things are unconscious, and in order to design a new plan and manifest it by activating a set of new behaviors to make the unconscious conscious enough to do something to bridge the two. To bridge the unconscious and unconscious as well as the past in the future. This is a lot of reconciling, and it certainly needs heavy equipment. Hence the 120 linear feet of shelves. How often in life do we ever get that many unfilled shelves? For me, it has only been perhaps three times, all involving moves to new houses or floods in old houses or changes in relationship status, or sometimes more than one at the same time.

I suppose it would have made sense to have made a plan before bringing the heavy equipment, but since it was hard to imagine there being room for more than a few bookcases, I simply bought them, assembled them, and now have to place them appropriately.

Let the games begin by breaking out the organizational backhoe.