Organized Perseverance

Day 119 Week 18 Q2 Sunday, April 28, 2024

In the delicate dance between intention and action, we find ourselves caught in the intricate web of time. The simplest tasks, those that appear as mere whispers of effort, often stretch into elongated narratives, weaving days into weeks and moments into lifetimes.

Consider the guitarist, fingers dancing across strings, strumming chords that resonate with possibility. I remember a time when I was learning to play the guitar, and a melody emerged, a fleeting spark of creativity. But then, the transition from ephemeral sound to tangible notation—a score etched in ink—became a labyrinthine journey. MIDI guitars falter, their digital souls yearning for translation. The bridge between artistry and notation stretches taut, demanding patience and ingenuity.

And what of the car, its dormant battery nestled in the trunk? Winter’s icy grip clung to its metal frame, rain and snow conspiring to extinguish its life force. A seemingly straightforward task: replace the battery. Yet, the car sat immovable, tires flattened, sunken into mud and grass. The weight of seasons pressed upon it, mocking our assumptions of simplicity. This was not just a car with a flat battery; it was a symbol of the challenges we face in life that often appear simple but are far from it. It was not just a car with a flat battery. It was a symbol of the challenges we face in life that often appear simple but are far from it.

Perseverance alone is not going to cut it. It is insufficient…  It is the organized mind that unravels complexity. ‘Organized perseverance’ is the methodical unraveling of variables, a systematic exploration of options. We must be architects of the process, constructing bridges from intention to execution. The battery, the chords, the elusive notes—they all demand more than dogged persistence. They crave orchestration.

Fifty years ago, I dreamt of a musical transcription—a computer deciphering the language of notes. Seven, they said. But pianos whispered of 88 keys, and guitars, with their frets and strings, revealed hidden symphonies. Forty-seven piano keys in six strings—a cosmic joke played by the universe. How hard could it be?

And the car, stubborn sentinel of inconvenience. Air in the tires, a circular plea. Push, pull, seek help, connect chains, tow points, and another car. The mundane transformed into an epic quest. Weeks slipped through our fingers, woven into the fabric of existence. The battery, still silent, held secrets.

Comprehension, swift as lightning, strikes the mind. Execution, a marathon. We sprint, stumble, and crawl toward results. Success is not a sprint; it is a marathon of organized steps. The car, the guitar, the symphony—they all whisper this truth. To be more than persistent, we must be organized. To move mountains, we must orchestrate our ascent, note by note, turn by turn, until the summit greets us with its silent applause.