Outlier Meaning 

Day 26 Week 4 Q1  Thursday, January 26, 2023

Okay, so I have been assuming that most of you are either creative outliers or those interested in creative outliers and that, as such, there is a good chance that you are reading nonlinearly in whatever order makes the most sense to you. This means although you may have come across the definitions of these two terms, a refresher and even an elaboration are in order.   

A creative outlier is someone who does not neatly fit within the bell curve of a single standard deviation that defines the 68% majority of the population. If you are less creative than the normal average person, then you are in the fifteen percent of the population that is not very creative, but if you are more creative than average normal, then you are in the top 15% in terms of creativity.  

Does being in the top 15% not feel special enough to be an outlier? After is, one in six is not really quite an outlier. Well, statistics can be used to support or destroy almost anything you want to say, so I will not introduce a conversation of standard deviations and hide behind them. Let us just agree to move the decimal point one place over from 15 percent to 1.5 percent. Does the feel better? If you are one or two out of 100 people in terms of creativity, that surely makes you an outlier. 

Of course, on a planet whose population just passed eight billion, 1.5% is still over 12 million people, which means that being an outlier s not exactly rare. It is possible that some of you were already turned off by any mention of math at all, but hey, you are one in 100 people in terms of creativity. And I am going to assume there is a decent correlation between creativity and intelligence which means basic math should be trivially simple for you.

Okay, we have pointed out that even if you are only one in a hundred, there are still many millions of you, so you are by no means not alone. What is very different sober you is the fact that although it seems that almost every child is born creative and curious, or they would not make it to adulthood, comparatively few survive the trip of growing up with their creativity intact.

Congratulations are in order if you are between 10 and 100 years old and still feel like you are a creative entity in the top 1% of the population. Somehow, miraculously the act of becoming socialized did not beat it out of you. It did for the other 99 out of 100.

Now, if this feels like a very loosy goosy definition, I agree with you. Basically, the one who can meaningfully define you as a creative outlier is you if you feel far more creative than normal than you probably are, and that is all that matters here. Basically, you have, in some way, determined that feeling creative serves you and provides some sort of meaning in your life.  Again congratulations, you have found out that you can create your own meaning in life, and that means you do not have to be on the treadmill of consumption and accumulation for your life to make sense that seems to have captured the attention of much of society.

I can assure you that creating potentially provides more meaning than consumption, but there can be a rather large caveat. It can be difficult to get paid for creativity unless you can get some of your creativity adopted by others. Even if you have great ideas and do great work from a creative perspective, it does not at all guarantee that there is a market or that you know how to access it. This translates into it being a good thing that creativity generates meaning and permits you to live in a MeaningPlace of your own creation because it might only generate meaning and not money.

Hey, given a choice between meaning and money, which provides more happiness? Silly questions for you need both, which is why you advance from being a creative outlier into an innovator.  What does innovation have to do with it?

An innovator is a creative outlier who has gotten traction with some of their creativity. In other words, some of your insights or outputs have been adopted by others. If innovation is applied insight, then what is unapplied insight? It is being a creative outlier that is much less sustainable.

Therefore, yes, you can be congratulated on achieving the ability to create meaning in your life. Most people can not. Now the trick is to make it sustainable because you know and like the feeling, and once you have had this thought, I can create meaning; you can not unthink it. And you then desire to make it more sustainable because you remember how good it feels to manifest using your creativity.