Pacing Joy

Day 111 Week 16 Q2 Saturday, April 20, 2024

Just because things are going great does not mean that you should go as fast as you can. In fact, perhaps the opposite. Maybe you should go as slowly as you can to preserve the good vibes and get the most out of them. When we are excited, we have a tendency to speed up. Sometimes, this is very inconvenient if you are performing while accompanying a singer, and you speed up so much that they can no longer fit the words. I have done this, although not in a very long time. In fact, it was one of the reasons that I wasn’t able to sing until I slowed down my playing.

Seriously, when you have a large number of positive actions to contemplate, and you have this tendency to try to pack all of them in, you might want to think twice about it. You might want to pace yourself. Young people don’t usually do this. Or at least most of the people that I knew and now still. But as we get older now that today, the 111th day of the year, is my 71st birthday, I keep thinking that maybe I should slow down a little. You know, perhaps it is time to abandon the boogie till you drop approach to life. This has actually served me into my eighth decade, but I don’t want to drop anymore because it takes a lot longer to recover. Perhaps that is why I’m thinking about pacing and joy.

I do know one thing, however: when you have this much good stuff going on, you’re not going to get old, so perhaps I will end up boogying until I drop? Still, there are others involved in your life, and you don’t want to make life too difficult for them either. How about the one from column A and one from column B approach? Perhaps you have never heard of this, but in New York City, many Chinese restaurants used to have a combination plate type of situation where you could choose something from column A and something else from column B. But even if you are not an old-timer who spent a lot of time in New York City Chinese restaurants, you have surely heard of the smorgasbord approach to life.

This is the concept with our very many more courses in front of you than you could possibly eat. And it’s very exciting, except that it also tends to cause overeating. Still, I love the smorgasbord approach to life, where you can have a very large number of small portions if you have enough discipline not to overeat. I love the variety, and yes, it also requires some discipline, which is not a bad thing to be in the habit of either.

So, even if you are feeling terrific, which I am right now, it is still a good idea to pace yourself. And I am calling that today Pacing Joy.