Personal MeaningPlace

Day 36 Week 6 Q1  Sunday, February 5, 2023

I suppose, at some level, all MeaningPlaces are personal, but then again, some can be shared. Which comes first? Does it matter? Sometimes you can bring others into your personal MeaningPlace; other times, this is not possible, nor should it matter. On the other hand, plenty of places create Meaning for groups, like churches, concerts and other audience-type activities. Most of them have not worked for me.  I am not a joiner.

On the other hand, I, like everyone else, crave meaning. The good news is I discovered early in life I did not groups to feel okay. I suspect many creative outliers also feel this way. After all, many of us tend to create our own worlds and then go to live in them. There are many kinds of activities that require diminishing returns. This translates into if you int to be great at something, there are other things you are likely to miss spending energy on, although you may not notice. 

There are many flavors of nerds. Sports nerds, science nerds, music nerds, philosophy nerds, and you name it, there can be nerds involved, and they generally outperform those who do not put in those diminishing returns of energy. If there are domains you put tremendous effort into, you already know where your personal MeaningPlaces are. And if you could not care less if anyone else was there with you, then you have found a personal MeaningPlace. 

It could be in a swimming pool, or a pool hall, or gazing into a telescope or microscope eyepiece. It could be driving a car, walking in the woods, or performing many various activities. And these can and do vary over your life. What was a turn-on in some years may not matter at all in others.

Now if any of these places are also where you are engaged in showing up creatively, then you have arrived. These personal MeaningPlaces are places to shine where you can put forth the nonlinear amounts of effort to overcome the diminishing returns investments required to get fantastic at something.

Some incessantly practice their instrument until it becomes an appendage they can unconsciously control. Others write until it is second nature and effortless. Whatever you are creating, and however you are showing up creatively, I hope it provides your life with Meaning by being a MeaningPlace for you.

Creative work takes a kind of gestation where sometimes hours go by unnoticed.  Do not shortchange yourself in these activities. Let them fly and go for it; this is where the action is. This is where discovery happens, and this is where ideas come most easily.  Oh, and you can lose track of everything else, which can annoy others tremendously unless they, too, have their own Personal MeaningPlaces. It can be difficult to be in any relationship, including work relationships if those around you do not have any personal MeaningPlaces. They may not even have the concept of such a thing. They may not be capable of understanding you. 

Over time you will hopefully find others who share this notion of personal MeaningPlaces. Hang on to these people, for they will be able to support your progress or at least not get in the way.

And the easiest way to tell is to see if they have one or some of their own Personal Meaning Places.