Creative Outliers – Become Innovators Now!

Although some of us can not help creating and innovating, not everyone is comfortable with change. This is why being an involuntary innovator is both a blessing a curse. If you have a lot of ideas and speak them out loud you can get in trouble. And if you are also able to actualize these insights you can get in even more trouble. Of course if you succeed then most, but not all people become happy with you. You see it is the risk that scares people. But one can not de-risk change. Of course when everyone is already feeling nervous and risky then they are a lot more likely to listen to new ideas and options. That time is right now.

So, if are someone who is a creative outlier with insights about how to positive changes, there will never be a better time to put forth your ideas, proposals and plans. And if you can manage to get your ideas adopted by turning your vision into value, commercializing your concepts or turning insight into income, then you will have become an innovator.

The world is not changed by those comfortable with the way things are. It is changed by those who deeply believe things can be better and are not afraid to act.

Balance is Imperative.

Dealing with people on a regular basis who are generally always trying to change everything around them is not for the faint of heart.

The real issue is balancing dreams & possible realities. It’s difficult to be proactive and objective. Managing innovation requires this core competency. It can take considerable experience to do this gracefully.

“Great innovations should not be forced on slender majorities.”
~Thomas Jefferson 1743-1826, 3rd American President