The smartphone is a shining example of our society’s rapid technological advancement which continually expands the possibilities of how we interact and experience life. Yet, at the same time, our social systems are not keeping pace. Our education system operates largely in the same way as it did 20 years ago, before anyone was walking around with a 1 Ghz processor mobile laboratory in their pockets.

Phonetasia is an educational initiative to unleash human potential by leveraging mobile technology to break new ground in education. The goal is to increase the innovation resiliency of our society, by providing joyful innovation experiences early on, which stimulate creativity and reward the natural tendency toward innovation.

The way we’re chosen to go about this is to develop a portable programming environment called Phonetasia– which teaches kids about physics and programming, through music, on their phones. SVII currently hosts a working group twice a month to develop Phonetasia.  Check out the links below to learn more. (Phonetasia was previously called PhonePhysics)

PhonePhysics 1st Doc

PhonePhysics Dev Tools Spreadsheet

PhonePhysics Forum

PhonePhysics Blog


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