Pivot Push

Day 249 Week 36 Q3 Thursday, September 7, 2023

Have you ever done a Pivot Push? This is what happens when you have been doing something in the same way for a long time, and although you have known that you needed to change it, perhaps for years, never got around to doing it, for one reason or another. Perhaps the new method was not really going to be appropriate yet. Perhaps a new tool that you had been watching for a long time, was still requiring development in order to evolve to what you needed it to be. Perhaps you didn’t have the money? Perhaps you did have the money, and made the purchase, but did not have the time, because it was going to be a long learning curve, and you were too busy using the old tool.

Perhaps you had deadlines that required you to use the tool that you had to get things done, but never had the time to learn the new thing even though you thought it was going to make your life a love easier after you did. Well, yesterday was one of those days when an unscheduled crisis prevented me from doing, what I would normally be doing. I just decided to take that time that was freed up by the interrupting crisis to jump onto the new tool and see how far I could get with it.  And eight hours later at midnight, I made what I call a pivot push. I push through enough to be able to use this tool at just a minimal level. But this proved to me, that it was going to be a good decision. And more than that, I actually achieved a result, far more quickly than I expected, even though I have been resisting investing this effort for years.

This single day of crisis, give me the time to actually embrace two new tools one an extension of my brain called obsidian, which is a piece of software that performs by directional, linking of notes and graphic depiction of relationships between ideas. I had none of this for a while, but had never been willing to take the dive because I knew it would take a lot of effort. Well, it turns out I got it working in the morning in a few hours. But then it took some time to recover, so I was not ready to dive into another avoided tool until later in the afternoon. The other tool was in music, notation and scoring program called Dorico.

This program has been in development for 10 years, and finally has gotten to the place where I truly needed to invest the energy to see if it would work for me. I did this yesterday, and I am so glad I did, because he’s going to completely change my compositional scoring process increasing my productivity.

Sometimes you just need a good interruptive crisis to give you that on schedule time to apply to something that you knew you needed to do, but just were never taking the time.

I called this a Push Pivot or was that a Pivot Push! Hey no matter it worked.