Played Berkshire Arts Festival

Today performed with David Crowe for our very first gig at the Berkshire Arts Festival. Located in Great Barrington, MA, the Berkshires Arts Festival is now in its 21st year. This top East Coast summer art event is rated by the Berkshires Visitors Bureau as one of the 10 Great must-see Cultural Hotspots in Western Massachusetts. Here is an excerpt of practicing for this gig last Saturday in Studio M on the Mason with David.

Yes, this is a very imperfect and even incomplete Sphere but I want to begin the habit of creating one every day from now on. A video of us was recorded by the local cable TV station WCTSB by Will Ryan and when I get it I will post some of it. I wonder if there is a way to place three photographs or images next to each other?

A Saturday Morning Rehearsal which was more of a Jam