Playing Catchup

Day 284 Week 41 Q4 Thursday, October 12, 2023

Do you ever have a pile of unfinished projects? No, not us, right?  Seriously, I do not know a single creative outlier who does not. So join the club. But what is your relationship with these projects? Are you beating yourself up because they are not done? You may as well give it up because they will never all be done until you are done. I know as long as I have volition, I will be in some sort of unfinished project flux. And I do not quite want to race toward no longer having volition.

On the other hand, do you look forward to diving into some of these projects that have recently risen to the top of the pile for many different possible reasons? There are many interruptions and delays beyond our control. There always have been, and there always will be.  Many times, these are good opportunities to put some of your reclaimed energy into this pile of projects, with the potential problem always being they might capture your attention for more time than the time that was freed up. 

Is this a problem, or is this just playing catchup? There are times I block myself from having new ideas until I make a dent in the older pile. Or, more accurately, I attempt to block myself from new ideas and new projects, but often do not succeed. The new ideas can bump off the old ideas, merge with them or acquire them, and take over or become subordinate to them. 

I feel very fortunate to have too many ideas, even if they sometimes hijack my life, causing me to stay up many hours later than planned and, therefore, making a big dent in the following day. But we do have to be opportunistic, for much of what occurs can not be precisely predicted or may not even be predictable at all.

If you are a creative outlier, you have to be flexible and not beat yourself up because you are not doing things precisely on schedule and budget. Most ideas take more time and more money to manifest than planned. Some of the time, they turn out worse than expected, but other times, there is a hugely positive return on investment for daring to dive into a new direction or new amalgamation of ideas and in-process projects.

I love it when this happens. and the longer you live, the larger the pile of ideas and potential projects becomes. This increases the chance of something wonderful happening.  And it can be a thought you had a long or short time ago. Or given up on or not quite even embraced yet.

You never know. This is why playing catchup can be one of the most enjoyable things in life. Perhaps even rivaling or combining leaping onto a new learning curve.