Post Holiday Joy

Day 329 Week 48 Q4  Friday, November 25, 2022

The day after Turkey day in the US can be a time for recovery.  It does take energy to relate to large groups of people, even for creative outliers. It also takes a lot of energy to not relate to a group of people because, at the moment, you may be dropped out of mainstream activities which could be for many different reasons ranging from you or your partner, if you have one, is sick and not up to it, or due to lack of opportunity, or more than one reason at the same time.

In any case, here in New England on a rainy kind of overcast day where a lot of my peeps are recovering from the flue, Covid, winter blues or whatever, I feel a little guilty about feeling some Post Holiday Joy when I know many others are not feeling so great and needing to recharge their batteries. It is not that I do not need to recharge my batteries too; of course, I do, as even without going anywhere yesterday or today, I have been very engaged with between ten and twenty others on the phone or through zoom and even the day before Thanksgiving in person with another ten or more people.

So, sure I need recharging as well – connecting with thirty people in three days and not being part of a traditional holiday gathering is still exhausting, but there was a lot less driving or flying involved this year. We are used to being tired out when emerging from our respective creative processes, even if it went by effortlessly because we were in a flow state. We were still burning energy.  

Leaving aside creative processes and workflows and/or family friend holiday socializing, life is still mostly an inside job as the person we speak to the most is ourselves. The external universe often feels to me, like a big mirror echoing whatever I am putting out into the world. Whether transmitting internal joy or complaint, that seems to be what comes back. So even if I am tired, it is still worth my while to experience and radiate some inner joy of being because that is what comes back, and by the way, with compound interest too. So if your self-talk is primarily critical, then you will not be having such a great life even if, from external perspectives, others think that you have it made. And vice-a-versa if internally you are having a ball, and no one else agrees or even knows about it, you still get the benefit of the Joy of Being and the Happiness that derives from his.

So even if you did not go to a celebration and you drop to the gym this morning to find it closed, and even if, due to someone else’s illness, you are not making it to a holiday meal with the rest of your peeps, you can still experience the Joy of Being and be happily self-contained, and this may be even more called for in the anticlimax that can occur post joyous celebrations. Remember, it is your choice to feel the way you feel, even if it does not feel the way. I know that sounds crazy, but after all, who is the dominant voice in your head, if not your own? 

As a creative outlier, you know that you have imagination, curiosity, and perseverance and are innovation prone, so why not invest even a small portion of your energy in telling yourself a better story? Is this a rationalization or a denying of reality? Well, whose reality? We all end up syncing our understanding of who we are and what we think matters, and what the incoming reality impinges upon within us. This causes us to have to try to synch up the models of the inner understanding and the external reality impingement understandings.

It is just as easy to sync up to a good story as a bad story so consciously choose what story you are telling yourself about the intersection of external and internal realities. Exercise some confirmation bias! Tell hour self things are great and turn on the sync machine, and they will be great. 

Create some Post Holiday Joy!