Preemptive Showing Up

We all know without showing up, not too much happens. And that most of the time people show up it is in response to being called upon, first in class and later on in life by others either giving orders or trying to convince you of something. This can be to do something or to buy something but frequently external requests are not explicitly designed to benefit you. And here is where you can flip things around. You can show up even if no one asked you to. You can show up because if you are not seen, then it is difficult to have much control over your destiny. Invisibility sometimes works and can be a great strategy if you are a middleman but not the person who is creating value directly through manifesting their own insights.

Now I suppose we can say investors are doing just that and staying invisible in the process, but I am not thinking most creative outliers have the goal of being invisible investors. It is possible, but not the majority stance, for creators are not primarily cresting to make money. They are primarily creating because they want to for their own reasons, which can certainly include making money or getting famous or any number of external stimuli, but I think they are doing it more because they have to than because they want to. And here is where Preemptive showing up can be beneficial. If you have to create anyway, then at some point, you will probably want to deploy your creations, if for no other reason than what else are you going to do with them?

Could deploying one’s insights, manifestations and creations not be a great way to communicate, which by the way, is also on the path to monetization, assuming that is part of what one would like to do with their creativity? Because either your creativity is costing you something and generating nothing in return, or it is at the very least breaking even if it is to become sustainable or even profitable if it is to become a life. Now since it is clear that the only reason to create is not to make money, this does not mean it might not be a nice idea unless, of course, you were born into wealth or have far more patrons than you need, which is just another form of profitability but one that is not nearly as widespread as creative outliers would prefer.

The bottom line is if you want your creative process to be sustainable, you are going to have to show up somewhere at least some of the time. And deploying some of your creations is an excellent way to show up before anyone even asked you to. It can be very exciting to be an initiator instead of a responder. Try it some time.