Preserving MeaningPlace

Day 274 Week 40 Q4 Monday, October 2, 2023

Meaning matters more than money. At least it does to me. For if I have money and not meaning life is not worth much. If I have meaning and not money then life is also compromised. Therefore a balance is required. Which is more difficult having meaning and then searching for money or having money and then searching for meaning? It depends on who you are? And what of a town or a county or a nation? Do they have the same equation to balance? Or is meaning a luxury like self-actualization? It is hard enough to be in another person’s mind to tell how they feel, but another land? Which voice would you listen to?

I can only comment on my personal internal state and environs but to my mind meaning is incredibly important. So much so that I am not sure how much life wold be worth living without it, at least for me as I can not speak for others. I have noticed that for creative outliers actively engaging in manifesting responses to the universe impinging upon them, tasty they seem to get tremendous meaning from creating. Could they meaning from something else? Of course they can because what most people create is offspring and that seems to give the most meaning of all to many people. 

This would imply that for most people their MeaningPlace is their home where their offspring live. What happens when they grow up and move away? Does the meaning move away with them? Perhaps but the is not what this discussion is about. It is about preserving MeaningPlace for Creative Outliers and for small town Main Street USA. And the balancing and prioritization of meaning and money. Some people leave behind memes, others leave behind genes and other both. But whatever camp you are in, it is my contention that life without meaning is not very worth living and therefore have at least one MeaningPlace is imperative. If there is a single place a person can go where their life has meaning, a single MeaningPlace then one can deal with incredible amounts of hardship and difficulty but if there is not even a single place life may simple seem too hard.  The increasing suicide rate seem to indicate a significant amount of trauma in the lives of many people.

Perhaps a perscription to address this could be to invest energy in creating MeaningPlace instead of consuming pharmaceuticals. Creative outliers are well positioned to create MeaningPlace. After all they are often in the business of creating meaning. Where do they do this? In kitchens, laboratories, studios, offices, walking on the beach, or just waling down main street of where they live. All of these have worked for me. And this is why they are all worth preserving.

If you do not have meaning, create some. If you do not have any MeaningPlace manifest one. And then work to preserve this MeaningPlace as a safe place.