Prioritized Integration

DD Day 037 Week 06 Q1 Wednesday, February 7, 2024

Finding ways to become integrated is preferable to determining how to become balanced. Balance implies a temporary state to me. A state where you can get knocked off balance dealing with distinct elements. Integrated implies, to me, integrity and integration as a more solidified and stable state.

Integration requires zooming out and looking at the larger picture, and the more zoomed out you can be, the more interdependence can be observed, which is needed both to balance and to integrate. 

Integration can occur over time, over space, and over attitudes and desires. But which of these matters more? And to whom? And for how long? Building a house that you expect to last is a different order task than pitching a tent for a week or a summer.

In order to integrate disparate perspectives or physical components, there does have to be some sort of prioritization at play. And that requires clarity about who you are, what you need, who you intend to be, and what you will need then. These things are not knowable until some time passes and some experience is accrued. So it is best not to try to create more than anything temporary until you have the perspective to be capable of prioritized integration.

You need to become exposed before developing. This is true not only for film, which preceded memory cards and which mostly do not exist anymore, but it is also true for people and even organizations. Perhaps the young can only shoot for balance and not for integration?

When does young end and old begin? Is this a function of experience? There are those who are young in years and old in experience, and they may well be able to perform or listen to prioritized integration. Most of the time, you need to take one day at a time, but when building something larger and more permanent, you may need to take a decade at a time.

This may no longer be possible because change is accelerating, making it increasingly difficult to integrate over a longer time constant. Maybe we are approaching a time when all we can be is balanced. I hope not because if this is true, then we can not expect much of what we are involved in to be lasting.

This is a good reason to attempt to perform prioritized integration for it is an indicator of permanence.