Published and Performed

Day 45 Week 7 Q1  Tuesday, February 14, 2023

Innovation and creativity certainly usually begin getting alone inside one’s mind at times, competing with a gaggle of other ideas and insights that some creative outliers live with every hour of every day. These ideas and insights are not innovations until they get out in the world and are adopted.  Inventors want their inventions to be used. Writers want their words to be read. Composers want to have their compositions heard.

It literally does not matter if you have an infinite number of potential innovations within you; perhaps most people do. Or at least many more people have these potentials within them than ever manifest them. And even those who do manifest versions of their insights and ideas seem to share a similar problem. They want to get more traction and adoption. These potential impacts need to be deployed in order to get free to flourish.

At some level, all ideas need to be published, even for physical realizations. Everything from chips to cars do have some diagram on their critical path where the idea can be shared with collaborators and stakeholders, even in a Me-sized company. What if your entire team of stakeholders and collaborators are all simply YOU? A diagram or some descriptive text is often generated just to nail down the idea enough to be actionable.

Bringing this down to a not-insignificant subgroup of creative outliers close to my heart, writers and composers, it seems that much, if not most, of what they do is neither published nor performed. This is tragic because an unpublished writer is an unread writer.  And an unperformed composer is an unheard composer. You can not be an un-deployed innovator. If no one reads or hears your works, they can not be adopted, and you can never be an innovator, even if you have manifested wonderful creations.

I am sure we all know people who have been writing a book for years and not ever finishing it. In fact, some of us may be those people. I also. know many composers with a pile of unheard never, performed works.  You have to be published or performed in order to be an innovator. It does not matter how great your ideas are or even how terrific your skills are. They have to be deployed to matter to anyone else, and this is a primary difference between a creative outlier and an innovator.

Innovators have the courage to be in a feedback loop with external reality. They have to risk rejection to innovate. If they overly protect their ideas and their feelings, they can not ever be an innovator.  Innovation involves more than you. Yes, it is risky, you might be rejected, and you most likely will be. But rejection does not kill you, and it gets easier after experiencing it enough times. eventually, you can get to where it does not slow you down at all because it is on the critical path to deploying anything.

Publish and perform your creations so they can become innovations.