Rate of Problems

Day 233 Week 34 Q3 Tuesday, August 22, 2023

One terrific indicator of how well things are going is the rate at which problems occur. If they are occurring too quickly to be dealt with, things are not going so well. If they are going at a rate that we are able to deal with, things are going well. The real two issues are when problems occur at a rate that is impossible to deal with them. Then there is a significant issue. And if problems are occurring at a rate that is much too slow to hold your attention, then you were bored, and that it was an issue.

When we have no problems at all, her life doesn’t seem that exciting. When we have an overwhelming number of problems, our life seems like a disaster. Emotional engagement requires a stimulus to occur between these two windows. If we can predict everything that occurs, it is not very interesting. If we cannot predict anything that occurs, that too is problematic.

There are ranges within which we are comfortable, and there are ranges outside of which we are uncomfortable. Add these ranges are most certainly time-varying and stage of life-varying.  Those who have a lot of resources can cope with a lot more problems. These resources may be financial, and they may be available time, but most likely they are psychological. Some people feel equipped to deal with whatever happens to them, even if they don’t have resources. Other people with plenty of resources may not be able to cope with what happens to them.

What does this have to do with creativity, creative, outliers, Innovation, and innovators? All of these seem to have more problems, less predictability, and resource issues. The resource issue has to do with whether we will have more ideas than the ability to pursue them. This is true of every CEO, every president, and every creative outlier. Therefore, the way we cope with problems and uncertainty, even if they were our own, making, is very critical, more so than for normal people.

One gigantic differentiator between creative outliers and everyone else is how they deal with problems. Creative outliers tend to create problems if there aren’t any or solve problems if there are.  We tend to really like adapting to situations and therefore put ourselves in situations that require adapting to. Yes, I should be safe in the harbor, but as many have said before, that is not what they were built for.

Creative outliers are like ships, and they, too, don’t belong safely tucked away in the harbor. We tend not to be very emotionally engaged. If we know everything about what is going on, so we often go out to find some action. This does not have to be a physical going out. It’s gonna be an intellectually or artistically going out. Going outside of the box, going outside of the norm, and going outside of what regular people do, is what creative outliers do.