Relax Enjoy The Ride

Day 013 Week 02 Q1 Saturday, January 13, 2024

Hey, sometimes you just have to keep going and enjoy what is happening. Not too much thinking. Just do your thing, and everything will work out fine. Seriously, you do not always have to figure things out. Surprising, isn’t it? The world goes on perfectly fine without you figuring it out all of the time.

And you may have even set it up that way so things would work right. Do not be surprised that this actually worked. You have done many things that worked so why be so surprised? Perhaps this has not been the case lately. Well, take. break yo have earned it. The things you have been planning do appear to be working and accept this gracefully without asking too many questions .

You know I could get used to things working at least for a little while before I break them again and have to figure something out. But for this moment I can happily say you did what you had to do and all is well or almost well which is good enough.