Repurposed Content is King

Day 74 Week 11 Q1  Wednesday, March 15, 2023

Many creative outliers are living in the gig economy. Much of what we work on and get paid for is creating and re-articulating content. Say you are an author and have just completed a manuscript.  Have you thought about deployment? Will you publish a book, blog or magazine article? Are we talking analog paper, digital electronic or both? Can you design the cover? And how about a podcast?  Audio only, video, or the complete book narrated by who? Are you up for speaking, recording, editing, or hiring a professional narrator and production team or a narrator AI? Does your book have URLs in it? And how do you publish? There are many ways to deploy content; you should think about them as a group, not a single manifestation. 

And by the way, who is the audience or customer? Are they the Kindle Crowd or something else? If you have something to say, there are almost infinite ways to deploy your messages. This is both a gigantic opportunity and also a gigantic pain.

No one said that Harvesting Infinity was easy. But instead of thinking that these are something we have to do. Consider it something or some things we get to do. But there is, or should be, some prioritization involved. Yes, infinity is accessible, but the order does impact the costs and, therefore, the business model or business models. It is wonderful that the barriers to entry are so low to dive in and deliver content, but this also means there are not as many barriers to competition. 

If you are to prevail or even just make a buck, you need to be strategic. Even if you can learn the many skills to manifest all of these versions of your creation and insights, some orders are for better than others. It is time to remember that you are a business entity and a creative entity. Many creative outliers spend 80 to 90 percent of their energy on creating the art and only the remaining 10 to 20 percent on deployment.

There is no single approach because it depends on who you are trying to provide value to. This is true even if you create work for hire and do not own the intellectual property.  The business model has to be subordinate to the value proposition, and if they do not support each other, one or both need to change.

You may say I am not part of the gig economy, so what does it have to do with me? Most creative outliers do spend some time in the gig economy as it provides more flexibility to create than a normal full-time job unless, of course, you can command a very high rate as a doctor, lawyer, engineer, or some other professional where in theory you have the flexibility except the organizations you work for tend to ask for more and more of your time.

So yes, infinity can be harvested, but strategic and tactical considerations exist. Go for it.