Resource Management 

Day 314 Week 44 Q4 Saturday, November 11, 2023

The creation of anything requires resources, some material, some intellectual, and some energetic. The act of creating does require expending energy and often makes use of other materials and tools. It may require hundreds of pounds of gravel more. It just may require a pencil or a laptop.  Whatever is required is still a resource to accomplish what you were trying to do. As such, it does need to be managed so that you have adequate resources to do what you intend to accomplish.

Part of resource management is also recordkeeping because you need to understand your costs in order to either have a budget or make a profit. And then, there is the storage of ideas that are not yet being activated or acted upon. Where and how do you store them? For they are ephemeral, and without storing them in a way that you can access them, they may be lost forever. This combination of ideas, insights, materials, records, and, yes, even your energy are all subject to the law of entropy, or the tendency toward randomness. 

It takes us no effort to create disorder, but it just takes effort to re-create order from the disorder that we have effortlessly created. One way to deal with this is to clean up as you were making a mess. But there’s a problem with that. It is th e same problem that occurs if, while you are cooking a meal, you’re also cleaning up the dishes and the pots. The problem is that meals produced in this matter don’t necessarily taste as good as the ones where you’re creating a bigger mess that needs to be dealt with after the meal.

You may end up with Order at the end of your project, but you may not end up with something creative or excellent.  This balancing of expenditure of energy and chaos is the dance that we have learned over a long period of time because we do not have an infinite amount of energy, even though we may head that way, and we most certainly do not have an infinite amount of discipline. 

Do you have as much discipline at the end of the day as you did at the beginning? I don’t. This is why it is difficult to clean up the mess after you have created it while you were creating it. But you do have to allocate enough time to be able to put things back into a usable condition during the creative act. Otherwise, the next time you want to create, you may have to spend half an hour just getting ready when you were cleaning up yesterday’s mess.

I do not know about you, but for me, this is a highly sub-optimal condition because, by the time I have completed cleaning up the mess, I will no longer be in the mood to create. This is why, for me, resource management is critical.