Rich Operating Flux

Day 357 Week 52 Q4 Sunday, December 23, 2023

Rich Operating Flux s the second part of PROF beginning of the morning acronym header. And there is an awful lot to say about this. The first thing is that the universe is in a state of flux, and since we live in the universe, we must be too. That means that things are not static and they are changing and sometimes they’re changing a lot and sometimes they’re changing a little. But they are always changing. But somehow it’s possible to operate within this flux, be, cause we all do it all the time. This is one of the reasons why our superpower is the ability to adapt. We don’t really have a choice.

But not only are things in the state of flux and not only does everyone and everything continue to operate within this state, but the state is extremely rich as well. This means everything you need is already available within the flux. And this is why I caught a rich, operating flux. If the universe is a giant mirror, reflecting back, what you put into it, then, if you are negative, you will get negativities back. And if you are positive, you will also get something positive back. Sometimes this is called karma. But I don’t think rebirth is necessary to experience it. I think, as we are all operating in this, Rich operating flex all of the time which has everything we need to sustain everything we need to do that basically things are OK all the time even when it looks like they’re not.

After all, we have evolved over hundreds of thousands of years to have rapid responses to changing circumstances, and some of the time we suffer anxiety because of our imagined response to an imagined problem. The problem is most of us face are not related to survival. We are generally not pray the predators come after. Perhaps financially, but usually not physically. We can have disagreements with people in meetings, and become combative but it is not that likely the person we had a disagreement with is going to kill us and eat us. Although we sometimes act like we think it is. Sometimes they act like they think they’re going to. But this is all nonsense. We need to keep in mind that we have a Darwinian reason for becoming anxious and overreacting. We have a long history of being prey, so we were a better level that is often inappropriate for what the possible outcomes of the situation are.

If you can, insert a time delay between whatever’s impinging upon you that is driving you into an adrenal emotional, possibly combative response posture. Try to remember that your life is not on the line. Your ego may be on the line. And your ego may be extremely important to you. So perhaps you better get over that and reduce your anxiety by remembering we all live in a rich, operating flux.