Rich Operating Flux

Day 252 Week 37 Q3 Sunday, September 10, 2023

Life is unpredictable. We do live in a state of flux. Even if it is not always obvious, it is constant. Very little, if anything, is fixed. Our entire universe is in a state of flux, but we often forget this. Don’t! Remember that not only our universe is in a state of flux but we are as well. And everything in between, from the economy to our relationships, including our relationship with ourselves.

This relationship is just as rich as the flux is. Meaning it and everything else is of vast complexity and dimension. There are a lot of moving parts, but there are also rules of thumb and guard rails that can be applied, too. Here is one of the most important ones. 

Treat yourself as kindly as you treat others, especially the others you care deeply about. What do you not care deeply about yourself? Then you had better fix this. You only have one self, and this self does not enjoy being beaten up any more than the others in your life you want to stay in rapport with do. This should seem obvious, but it is frequently not how we treat ourselves.

Give positive feedback for progress. Be supportive. And more than all of these, be nice. Yes, you will make mistakes, sometimes big ones. There is not much point in giving yourself a hard time. You know when you make mistakes, especially big ones. Or if they come to attention significantly after the fact, be understanding, not punishing. 

Remember, you do need to continue operating. If your car has 200,000 miles on it, you can sometimes get a new one. But what if you can not? Are you going to drive it hard and not take care of it? Do you want it to reach 300,000 miles? Cars these days are better than they used to be, and many are capable of reaching 300,000 miles if taken care of.

This rich operating flux refers to the concept that you have everything you need within it to operate well. Unlike an automobile, most of the time, because to a large extent, this is a self-healing automobile,  you do not need to look outside of yourself, But you absolutely do need to look inside of yourself and check your internal pool pressure and tire pressure and many others things that are even more difficult to measure, but you can still check.

And you can still accept yourself, and you had better because if you do not, then who will? And you had better support yourself for the same reason. The good news is actually great news. The richness of the universe and of you contain everything you need to take care of business, operate at a high level and be happy and joyous for what is the alternative?

Congratulate yourself on how well you are doing. Be thankful you are, and also live in a rich operating flux.