Rushing the River

Day 178 Week 26 Q2 Wednesday, June 28, 2023

You can not rush a river. It goes at the rate it wants to go. It also goes in the direction it wants to go too. Collaboration is also like that. When you work with another, you must allow for the time they will take to do what they must. Rushing them does not help. They are working with you, not for you. Rushing those who work for you also does not help either. These contribute to why we are so poor at estimating how long things take to complete. Much of it is not under our control. Never was and never will be. Assume that things will almost always take longer, not less time than expected.

When it rains a lot, the river may run faster and when not, well, it can almost dry up completely. Such is the nature of rivers and collaborators, especially on creative projects. Let’s face it scheduling the unknown is always going to be problematic. If certainty is what you are after, the creative process may not be your happy place. Of course, it can make it hard to answer the oft-asked question, when will you be home for dinner?

Sometimes it is difficult for two people who are each unschedulable to converge. And if they were trying to raise kids, that is another story altogether. Then again, you would think that all of these parties involved would be relatively comfortable with the unknown. Sometimes it works in the opposite direction, with the offspring craving stability instead. This is why you must let the river flow and pay attention to where it wants to go unless you think you are the river and everyone must deal with you. Sometimes this may be true but trust me, and it grows old for those around you unless they have no independent ideas and are pure followers.

This makes research, invention and originality all somewhat difficult to deal with. Asking too many questions, involuntarily throwing around hypotheses and feeling the need to do your own thing may be hard for many people to handle. Other creative outliers are more likely to understand where you are coming from. If your boss got to where they are by taking no chances, they might be less likely to want to engage with the unknown.  

On the other hand, much of the public wants to live on or near the water with all of its uncertainty and beauty. There may be weather and exaggerated change. This can also be true of you and your ilk, which is why creative outliers understand each other. We may all have the same emotional weather report. Change on the horizon. 

You may not be able to rush the river, but you can get in it and go with the flow.  Although optional, a suitable craft is highly recommended, but expect to get at least a little wet.