Sanctuary and Trust

Day 188 Week 27 Q3 Saturday, July 6, 2024

I sure hope that you can trust yourself because it is becoming increasingly difficult to trust what we are told, the emails and texts sent to us, what we watch on television, and the advice of so-called experts. sometimes it feels like we have entered an age of manipulation. For a brief period of time between religious directives and marketing oriented manipulation, scientistsand engineers were in charge. there was a period of time that the scientific method validated or invalidated the wishful thinking of those who put forth hypothesis. This was the time when you did not have to have faith nor did you have to follow the digital hoards but we now live in age of old alternative facts, which to my mind are not facts at all. Facts can be verified and just because manipulators say things ardently and frequently does not mean they are true at all. In fact, the louder people have to say something and the more frequently they have to say it the more suspicious I become. Because if they had some facts and can prove what they were saying and have it be independently verified then I would believe them. But we have become so consumer oriented that marketing has taken over the world and branding has superseded facts. Even big famous companies who were known for how reliable they were, have been caught lying to their customers and lying to their regulators and no doubt lying to their investors. I can only wonder if they are also lying to their employees.

The value of a company at the moment appears to be more of function of how good the story is told than anything to do with price, earnings and accomplishments. greed causes people to project obscene values, and the stock is worth the obscene amount until it isn’t. This brings me back to trusting yourself and developing a sanctuary from all of the external noise, we are barraged with every moment. The gamification  of the universe is well underway. Last year video games generated $180 billion worth of revenue when the entire music, industry and film industry combined or closer to $60 billion. That means the video game makrlet is roughly the size of music, movies, books and magazines combined. An, d although their category called serious games, which is developmental and problem-solving, that is not the part of the market that’s growing.

If like me, you would prefer to escape into music, literature, and conversations with people instead of spending my time trying to drink life through a teeny straw of games then I guess you need to create your own sanctuary and invite your own friends into it. Because you are never going to be mainstream. and that’s perfectly OK with me too because the mainstream hardly invents anything and mostly follow the leader. This is not creative outliers and innovators do with themselves.  We create our own world and live in it. Is this any different than playing games? You bet it is. Reality is a lot better than escape. Create your owen and live in it, and see how much you can keep away from manipulators who probably knows more about you than you know about yourself. But they do not care about you, just about scrapping your eyeballs and any money they can extrsact from you.  I have a hard time trusting people were always attempting to manipulate me.