Say No to Say Yes

Day 338 Week 50 Q4  Sunday, December 4, 2022

Skimming headlines, relationships, topics and commitments, while very time efficient to seemingly cover a broad range of interests is probably counterproductive for creative processes. Most creative processes require a deep dive. If you are attempting to express yourself, discover something, or launch a new business, you know it takes a lot of time to get anything new and original done. And some of that time is spent failing, experiencing setbacks and having restarted again and again.  Skimming can feel like a soothing salve and an escape where something positive is happening. Unfortunately, it can also be addictive. I have what I call hungry mind syndrome. 

The internet has provided such a rich and fertile means to skim that I too often succumb to it.  Unfortunately, this does directly subtract from my creative output in a seductive manner which reduces my being a creative outlier, and since this is part of my identity, it reduces who I am.  I do not about you, but I have never been very good at not being me. For better or worse, I am much better at being myself than I am at being what others may want me to be. And at this point in life, for the most part, I have edited out of my life the majority of other people (and situations) who would rather I be less creative.

Therefore I have come to the surprising realization that I have become the largest distraction in my life, and there is no longer anyone else I can blame. I can not even blame distracting circumstances either, for they, too, have been edited out.  Once you have emitted all of the excuses and rationalizations, you can come face to face with your own foibles and self-paralyzing behavior.

Whoops, I had not realized that I have become the problem as I have spent so much time battling external problems. This is both great news and terrible news. It means that there is no longer anything or anyone to hide behind. 

Therefore, I guess it is time to get to work and reduce my indulgences. Now, I have the blessing of so many supportive people, so much control over my existence, and so much opportunity to be true to myself, and it has become clear that I  now bear the sole responsibility to get the things done I have always wanted to, to make the things I always wanted to make, and to be who I always wanted to be.

In some ways, this is simply fantastic, and in others, I have come to realize that I have to say no to say yes. I have to say no to distractions in order to say yes to be true to myself. For if I do not, then I will end up drowning in distractions instead of creatively blossoming into the next rev of myself.

I guess it is time to lift a glass to the next version of me by saying No to say Yes.