Seeing and Seen

Day 141 Week 21 Q2 Monday, May 22, 2023

Creative Outlier or not, all people like to be seen and acknowledged. Even the ones who try to be invisible because of insecurity. They, too, would rather be secure enough to e seen. For creative outliers, being seen is a bit more difficult because a lot of what they are engaged in is not necessarily visible to others who are less curious and courageous.

If mainstream consuming is not as compelling to you as creating, making and doing, then it is likely that you are a creative outlier.  If you had the good fortune to be born into a family with at least one creative outlier parent, then you are not alone in your quest to create. A grandparent, aunt, uncle, or family friend can also do in a pinch, for it is helpful for all of us to have role models and be encouraged instead of negatively judged.

After all, we do learn a lot from what we observe. Suppose we are seeing somewhat regularly creative outlier behavior in the family. In that case, there is also a decent chance you will be seen as creative, completing the essential loop of seeing and being seen.  Have you been seen? Early in life? By people who are about you? Have you been encouraged to create or only as a young child, and then when moving toward adulthood, was the creativity rug yanked out from under you, and were you redirected to be practical and wage earning or to become educated, specialized, and also licensed to earn money?

It is natural for those who raise you to want you to be able to support yourself, so you really can not blame them. But if, and this is big if, if you are truly powerfully much more drawn to a creative life than a consuming life, a wage-earning life, a specializing in doctoring, lawyering, accounting, engineering or helping life, then you may have some difficulties.

I have met and continue to meet many people who really want to create more than earn. They may have been born to be artists and perhaps were never seen as artists or artists in training or waiting. Or perhaps they did not appear to manifest what was deemed by others to be adequately talented?  

This dance of seeing and being seen is critical to everyone but more complicated for creative outliers who may be involuntarily drawn to unapproved paths according to those surrounding them. There is a choice, they can gravity toward other like-minded individuals and be seen.

It has been said if you want to have friends, be a friend. A corollary can be if you want to be seen, then see others. To be seen, it helps if you are seeing others.