Self Assignment Time

Day 151 Week 22 Q2 Thursday, May 30, 2024

It seems like it is much easier to keep commitments to others than to yourself. Is this because of embarrassment? The public nature of the commitment? Or is it something deeper? I have found historically that when there were external pressures in addition to internal pressures, I was more likely to get things done. But were these the big things? The most important things in life? Ones that if you died without completing, that you would be really upset? I don’t think so!

When it comes time to address the things that matter the most, they have to be assigned by you to you. That means it’s self assignment time when there are very large important things, that are not getting done because of all of the commitments you’ve made to other people that you’re so busy keeping. This natural, and not a character flaw. it affects almost everyone because it is extremely difficult to be true to yourself in the face of fitting into the world.

That same discipline that you can harness when meeting external commitments can also be harnessed when meeting internal commitments, and whether or not these commitments are coincident between the outer and inner or not is irrelevant. You cannot count on external commitments or pressures to force you to be true to yourself. If you have the good fortune, which I do, of having a life partner, who thinks it’s a great idea for you to be true to yourself, this is very helpful. or at least it can be very helpful, but it is only you who can assign yourself being true to yourself. It is self assignment time.

The good news is, that you have a pretty good handle by now on what you are able to do, and what is difficult for you, and what distractions might arise, and what opportunistic tangential desirable pathways might be revealed. You know this because you have already taken the other paths, been distracted, and found a large number of excuses to not necessarily be focused on what you were born to do. What’s that you say you’re not sure what you were born to do? Are you sure about that? A  little bit of self scrutiny might just reveal what you’ve known all along your gifts and priorities should be, or should have been if like me you were a dutiful son or daughter, you might have felt influenced by your parents. And even if they have both passed, they may still be influencing you. This is not to say the parental influence is not valuable after all your parents may know you better than you know yourself. Or at least they did when you were a child but now you are an adult, you have to be the responsibility of knowing who you are better than anyone else in the world. And that means it is self assignment time.