Self Talk

Day 31 Week 5 Q1  Tuesday, January 31, 2023

Do you talk to yourself? I bet you do. Probably not out loud, though, as that is generally frowned upon. But sometimes I wonder if all those people talking on their phones without anyone around are pretending to have called someone. In any case, most of us have some running commentary running through our brains, which can be referred to as self-talk. Does this matter?

You bet it does because the primary amount of communication input into our being comes from ourselves. Unless we are terrific at quieting our minds and have reduced the self-talk to a trickle, this may not apply to most of us, even if we are creative outliers in the minority. 

Do creative people talk to themselves more than other people? I have no idea, but it does not matter, for we still talk to ourselves a lot. And by the way, is it generally positive or negative when you talk to yourself? Now, this does matter very much. Negative self-talk can get you down, and positive self-talk can get you up. Sounds like some kind of a feedback loop to me. Basically, this means we can hugely impact our mood or frame of mind. Actually, this probably means we have a greater impact on ourselves than anything else that happens to us.

If this is true, just as you are probably careful about what you eat, read, or watch, all that we consume includes what we tell ourselves. So take the time to ensure you are not giving yourself a hard time. What’s that, you say? Do you think that you deserve a hard time? Even if you do, it does not have to be harped upon. One time might be enough. More than that is abuse. After all, you do know what you are doing wrong.

But do you know what you are doing right? Do you celebrate or even acknowledge that? I seem to know more people who give themselves a hard time and give themselves too much positive feedback. This could be because creative outliers can have a tendency toward perfectionism, and then nothing is good enough. 

This is just a simple reminder that self-talk is likely the dominant talk you engage in, and if so, make sure it is not too one-sided, and yes, this goes both ways. Don’t be inflationary on the positive side, either. And I know you have things to do that are more important than talking to yourself, so I will stop here with the admonition that self-talk counts greatly. Give yourself a break and be positive about it.