Show Up Relax Engage

Day 344 Week 50 Q4  Saturday, December 10, 2022

Be Sure: Show Up Relax Engage 

Okay, we re going to zoom out and fly around and come back to earth and commence being.  Assume for a minute that the world very much has the potential to have all of its problems solved. There is no question we can innovate our way out of Whatever messes we encounter, even if we are the ones who created them. Crisis has always been part of living. So has solving problems. Tension-Release. This is the dance we humans do when there is no tension we do not do anything. Tension-Release.  We get cold, so we harness fire, we get hungry s we invent agriculture. We get sick and invent medicine. We feel the need to be understood and invent psychology. Nothing happens without a reason. The reason is usually a problem. And we usually invent a solution. Creative people are better at creating solutions. They also do a fairly good job of creating problems. This is the cycle. Tension-Release. Tension-Release. We do this dance in music, and yes, we also do this dance in dance. We do it in movies, and storytelling,  It is the story of our lives. We get up, run around, get tired and rest, and get up and do it again. It is quite elemental. All nails do it; all life does it. Until it can not do it any m longer and then it dies. 

I am going to make a leap here and say we were all born to create. And the best of us at creating are sometimes called innovators. Innovators are those who can apply insights. The simplest definition of innovation is applied insight. If there is no insight, innovation is not going on. If there is no application, innovation is not going on.   Simply having a great idea is not innovating. Talking a blue streak of ideas is not innovating. Being an innovation scholar is not innovating. Innovation requires a practitioner.  The bottom line is if no one adopts your creations, you are not an innovator. You are a creator. There is nothing wrong with being an innovator, but it is not enough to solve the problems of the world in order to provide humanity with the release. You were born to create, not to consume. If all you do is consume, you may not ever experience the level of happiness and fulfillment, you might feel if you were to evolve from a crested to an innovator, who has their applied insights adopted. Creativity is on the way to innovation, so it is a good thing. It is also often messy, seemingly irrational at first, seemingly useless before it is not, and seemingly improbably until it exists. 

As all of us are potential innovators, and all innovators begin as creative outliers, and all creative outliers begin simply as creators; where does the cycle start?  Simple it starts with a crisis creating tension and someone doing something about it. And this starts with showing up. If you never show up, your insights are stillborn, and the tension is never released. Your life will be like an unresolved song. You know that you were born to create. You especially know you were born to create if you are a creative outlier because you are even more aware of crises and potential solutions than the rest. And it is addictive. Once you encounter a problem and solve it and experience that tension and release, you do not forget the feeling, and you will want to do it again. But you first have to show up. You have to show up to yourself internally before you can show up externally. Yes, some fortunate natural souls just do their thing and seemingly fall into solutions and fame and fortune. It is possible but less likely than going through some trial and error. We can not learn to walk without falling down. We can not learn to speak without being misunderstood. We can not do anything before first, not knowing how to do it. 

But showing up is imperative, and after you have shown up internally to yourself, then what? Well then, you need to show up for others, most likely your parents or at least someone who cares about you and who you feel safe with and probably untried by. And these may be unconscious understandings at first. You will not necessarily know what safe or nurtured even means, and those tragic circumstances if they persist, may leave you incapable of creating.  So can and do overcome these circumstances. Not everyone can. This is why there are places where showing up is encouraged, and there are even places where showing up is demanded. We create institutions and businesses which support, to the best of their abilities, the creation and innovation processes.   

Now that we humans have to a very large degree, transcended physical proximity in response to the crisis of a pandemic, we have somewhat relaxed or released into an ever-increasingly hybrid world. This provides many more options for showing up. Classes and lectures and clubs and communities are all spraining up into being and providing their own tensions and releases.

The Silicon Valley Innovation Institute has been providing a regional place in Silicon Valley for innovators and innovation advocates to show up since 2005. A decade before that it began as the Coastal Creators, in a small coastal town of ten thousand where Silicon Valley meets the Pacific Ocean called Half Moon Bay CA. A decade before that, the idea occurred within an unusually powerful MIT-derived innovation culture called Bose Corporation, whose headquarters is a little west of Boston in the Route 128 corridor, the East Coast predecessor of Silicon Valley, where several early computing companies came into being.

Now SVII is innovating itself forward to become SVIII, the Silicon Valley International Innovation Institute, which provides virtual new places to show up from anywhere in the world that has the available bandwidth. We know this is not everywhere, but it is everywhere enough to permit those whose ideational proximity is not accompanied by regional geographic proximity. And in addition, we are expanding from providing a safe regional place for innovators and innovation advocates to show up to providing a place for international creative outliers, the population where all innovators begin, to show up.