Show Up to Rise

Day 297 Week 43 Q4 Wednesday, October 25, 2023

You can not rise if you are not there. You have to show up. And not only in your mind but also in the outside world as well. It is true that usually, you do have to show up inside before you show up outside, but sometimes circumstances are so powerful that they demand a response, and then you show up in real-time or not. It is that simple. A crisis occurs, and they happen all of the time in life, and you either go away to think about what to do or you find yourself doing something immediately that was not premeditated but needed to be done.

There can be a medical condition that explodes upon you with no warning, such as a family member becomes in dire circumstances and you just go and show up, or you do not. Or, on a more positive note, you are invited to do something out of the blue, and although that is not what you were thinking was in front of you, or you had never even thought about it, you say yes, and you show up.

In both cases, you have no idea what is going to happen. But if you show up, you might be part of it. If you do not show up, you can not rise. Chaos can be a nutrient soup to support change. If you do not want change, you can try to avoid chaos, but this is very difficult as the universe tends toward entropy or randomness.

There is only one constructive way to confront entropy or chaos, and that is consciousness, but to deploy consciousness, you do have to show up. Yes, this may disrupt your day and possibly even your entire life. But if you do not show up when there is disorder and create something from the chaos, you miss a great opportunity. 

Have you ever heard the phrase “a battlefield promotion”? It means when in the midst of a battle, sometimes a person disproportionately distinguishes themselves. This does not only apply to combatants but also to reporters and anyone else around who shows up and takes unexpected responsibility. Careers are made this way. Life trajectories are changed forever this way.

In all cases, you do have to show up if you want to rise. If you take no chances and do not show up, life will not change, and perhaps you do not want it to, which is perfectly fine. You do not have to choose to rise, and you do not have to choose to show up.

This is a highly personal decision we all face many times in our lives, but one thing is straightforward: if you want to rise, then you have to show up.