Simple Focus

Day 211 Week 31 Q3 Monday, July 31, 2023

We all have a multitude of things we are considering, juggling, organizing, and seemingly needing to address right now. But in reality, we can only address one thing at a time so let them all go and pick the thing that matters most and in general, the is the thing you are about to spend time on with someone else. Especially if someone else is less concerned about those other issues in your life than the ones in theirs, which is almost always the case. 

So let go of the complexity, be present with whoever you are about to meet with, and put your full attention on this interaction. And if you can not imagine it is worthwhile to do so that either cancel the meeting or change your mind. It is that simple. It is either worth spending time or it is not. Simple Focus and seriously, your life will become a lot easier, for it is far easier to do one thing at a time than many.

So for whatever time you and the other party have allotted, bring your full attention to it and do not worry about later or before; the project or milestone or even the task will be much easier. This is why we tend to segment and partition our time and attention. Because it works very well, and should you be alert to changes in circumstance? Of course, you have to if you are alive.

But if the distraction can be identified as a distraction, then let it go before it sets up residence in your mind and gets in the way of what you are trying to do. Life does not have to be complex, even though it seems to be so true. Life is as simple or as complicated as you choose to make it. And if others bully you into complexifying your life to accommodate theirs, push back and come to terms that suit both of you. What’s that you say they have more impact on your life than you on theirs?

Is this always the nature of the relationship that people are not equal? Well, you can choose to relate to others as an equal anyway, and if they chose to act poorly, it is on them. You do not have to tell them they are acting poorly, although when you are younger, you may choose to, but eventually, you learn to walk away from those who treat you poorly, and if you do not, then it is on you. 

So focus and make your life be about what is in front of you; if that is another person, give your full attention. Come to think of it, how about treating yourself with that much respect to and giving yourself your full attention and pushback when part of you is trying to complexify other parts of you?