Simplify to Relax

Outliers are certainly capable of making things complicated but the ones who are really happy have a greater tendency to simplify. Not by ignoring complexity but by coming to the simplicity on the far side of complexity. You see, they or rather we, when we remember to, can be really good at processing complexity. And how do we do this? Context Management.

Since the meaning and voile of pretty much everything is context dependent and there relative and mutable, there is a terrific opportunity to apply ones creativity to reorganizing what is around us and more importantly what is within us. You see you can choose between being relaxed and overwhelmed. We have the processing power to recontextualize at will. And this is truly a super power. Some may call it rationalization or using sour grapes thinking and others may call it coping, but I think it is far more powerful than either of these. The act recontextualizing is a way to create new worlds of possibilities. 

Creative outliers can create more than things, projects, prototypes, processes, programs, products and problems. We can also create new worlds and then go live in them and some of the time bring others along with us for the ride and sometimes not.

One thing is for certain while complexification may be a great escape from what is in front of you by masking how you really feel about what you really need through masking enabled by option generation,   , it can not fool you forever if you are paying attention to yourself and feedback form others. And in both directions. You can tell yourself that you are terrible or that you are great and others will come along and say excuse me but you are the other. And then you get to evaluate who do I believe and when do I believe perspective A or B or C?

This is where the recontextualization comes in because the newer usually is – it depends.  And yes it depends on a lot of things. Which direction and elevation and magnification are you looking from? We tend to be able to helicopter around changes perspectives at will and when we are doing this, there is the option of simplifying. And those who are close to you will appreciate this for they may not have been able to understand why you were running around making everything complicated. 

So once in a while give yourself a break and say hey it is the weekend and I do not need to make everything  so complicated, I want to relax and need some simple instead. 

Give yourself that gift once in while.