Six Site System

Day 171 Week 25 Q2 Wednesday, June 21, 2023

This may not be for anyone but me, but it is interesting, so I will share it. All creative outliers have many ideas, impulses and insights flowing through us. These can be difficult to manage. At least they have been for me because the flow was often too high to cope effectively. 

The system I used to use I called “Boogie Till You Drop.” This meant I would throw myself at projects, relationships, dreams and whatever was in front of me. I soon discovered that the sum of all of these vectors could be a small number even though the amplitude of the efforts could be great; they might be moving in different directions.

This was pretty ineffective but often thrilling, and the way many lives and careers, for many people, still seem to work, especially for people with tons of energy and tons of ideas. The problem is although pedaling so fast that the bicycle did not fall over, it was not always effective. Oh, it seemed effective compared to those around me, like the hare, until the tortoise caught up and passed it.

After wrestling with this dilemma, I eventually came up with some sort of innovation project management system, for it seemed that almost all the projects I was working on were innovative.  This was a good thing in terms of engagement, as I had also discovered I was an involuntary innovator but still left a lot of ideas hanging out unaddressed. And worse, there were also a lot of uncompleted projects as both the system and I were better at setting than finishing. 

As creative outliers yourself, you too may suffer from the same affliction of too many ideas. Well, out took a while, in fact, a long while, but I now have a six-site system which admittedly is still in the hypothetical state as fr as not being tested enough to be vetted. This is what a hypothesis is. It is not a theorem but s theory. And empirical evidence is required to validate it.

However, it seems to be a system matched for the times, at least for me and possibly anyone else who finds themselves with multiple creative roles they are simultaneously involved in. I simply created a website for the different perspectives required by four main roles, a zoomed st perspective integrating all of the roles, and a feeder perspective gathering ideas daily into a large repository. These six sites are websites for in this digital media-rich age, and the simple notebook can no longer contain everything it needs to. And neither analog nor digital notebooks sufficed; I tried them all. 

But now I have a cloud-based media-rich repository in place to make daily deposits to, where they can be held until further refinement permits them to migrate to the four dominant life roles and no, these are not the traditional ones of husband homeowner etc, but creative creator roles.

Six Site System