Slow Down

Day 031 Week 04 Q1 Wednesday, January 31, 2024

The rate you want to go is probably faster than required and is also not sustainable. The days of boogieing until you drop should be behind you after you get traction. Traction is slower than burning rubber. When you step on the gas enough to make your tires spin, not only are you not going any faster, but you are also ruining your tires. Until a creative person gets traction, they are not moving forward but slipping and sliding. And until you move forward, there is no hope of being sustainable or scaling.

Additionally, without being able to scale, in general, it is not possible to monetize your efforts, which, in general, produces reduced sustainability. Therefore, if you really want to make a go at a particular direction you’re enamored of, and in addition to desiring it, you also have a proclivity to be able to do it. Well, it is worth remembering that without traction, you can’t really get anywhere.

And remember that Tracktion requires adequate friction, for without friction, your energy is not matched to the circumstances you find yourself in. People speak of frictionless business situations, but the only truly frictionless situations are ones where you are not moving at all. What they really mean to say is to lower the friction so that you are not so impeded, but if the friction is limited, so is movement.

Sometimes, speeding up increases friction, but only when you have traction. If you don’t have a grip, then going faster still means that you don’t have a grip. And if you don’t have a group, you can’t get anywhere except hot and bothered and possibly burned out.

Most of the time, in the creative process, you need to slow down to get it right. If you try to go faster than you have the skill level to navigate, all you end up with is mistakes. Have you ever watched and listened to a musician play a piece of music that was beyond their technical level? If they speed up, it becomes even more apparent. You have to slow down to get it right. And you have to practice slowly until you can speed up and be effective instead of ineffective.

Going too fast results in accidents and mistakes, so unless you are very consistently and confidently moving forward in a controlled manner, or at least a somewhat controlled manner, there is not much point in speeding up. We all like the adrenaline rush of going fast, and sometimes it really makes sense, but when things are not working well, it is far more often that slowing down solves the problem than speed speeding up.

There is a range of useful speeds. If you go too slowly, you never get anywhere, or at least it takes a really long time. If you go too quickly, you are likely to have mishaps. Take the time to find out what the right tempo is. Not too rushed and not too dragging. Most musicians and dancers know this but still occasionally get carried away.

Slow Down