Smooth Glide

Da7 123 Week 18 Q2 Thursday, May 4, 2023

Sometimes when fully engaged with a mutually supportive MeaningPlace Flywheel, all that is left to do is the Smooth Glide. The Smooth Glide is a state of Flow that somehow has magically become easier to enter than normal. It is possible to go from being asleep almost directly into this state, where you slowly transition from unconscious to conscious via the Smooth Glide Path. In my case, music is the way. After sixty years of playing a musical instrument and composing a good deal of music to demarcate various life circumstances, there arises a large reservoir of possible events to re-explore using more current tool sets and new skills. This type of activity is supremely integrative. That is to say, it has great integrity and wholeness about it, hence the easy, smooth glide into a Flow State.

This does not happen so perfectly very often, which is what makes it worth talking about, nevertheless mentioning. It is worth remembering by writing that this state is not only possible to achieve easily but perhaps most likely to be entered into extremely easily, hence the Smooth Glide title. As most of you know by experience, the state of flow is seductive enough that time ceases to matter, and you do not want to exit it, telling yourself just a little longer. It is also, not surprisingly, a state where excellent work has a greater tendency to emerge, where all of you internal receivers are picking up some sort of cosmic excellence freely broadcast, achieving the resonance of a perfectly tuned-in station. 

The notion of tuning in a station may seem hard to imagine in a time when electronic circuits now do the tuning for us instantly and effortlessly. This was not always so. For those who took audio seriously, devices called Tuners permitted radio broadcasts to be received. This is more of an analog concept, and it is worth remembering that we as humans are actually analog devices, not digital ones. And everything we experience from modern digital technology needs to go through a reconstruction process which is the opposite of digitizing, the proper word, not the awkwardly made up and misused digitalization. Digitization focuses on converting and recording analog data like sound waves and radio waves, digitalization is all about developing processes and changing workflows to improve manual systems. 

Back to the smooth Gide, which is an analog human concept, not a digitized nor digitalized one from a perception and manifestation point of view, but those new tools employed to achieve the smooth glide flow state can most definitely, and today almost certainly are when talking about music, be a hybrid of digital processes fed by analog inputs, resulting in digital outputs requiring reconstruction into analog outputs.

Due to the demonization of technology, these processes have become so fast, inexpensive and useful as to be now ubiquitous. How incongruous a thought and a circumstance that to now enter into the very analog flow state there are multiple digital processes involved.