Summer Solstice Push

Day 150 Week 22 Q2 Wednesday, May 29, 2024

Daylight will max out in three weeks when the annual increased darkening cycle begins anew. That means there are three weeks to create an inflection point of my own so that while the days are getting shorter, they are becoming increasingly potent. Yes, it might seem arrogant to presume that an internal state shift could compensate for something cosmological, but in fact, our internals are just as cosmological as anything external.

Yahoo, it is time to take on the universe, and I thought you would never ask. We are nothing less than a universe operating in tandem with many other universes, possibly a different angle on the multiverse concept, a conflating metaphor with quantum physics. Well, why not? Is it not better to create our cosmological shifts than wait for externals to impinge upon us? 

I am glad you see my point. It is time to take responsibility for our own universe to the extent we can, and what better time than a solstice to make a push in the right direction? When the next solstice arises, I intend to be correctly positioned to ride that wave all of the way to a new CreaLuc Life. A creative, lucrative life that is more sustainable and lasting than any of the prior CreaLuc ones I have managed to synthesize, such as the MIT, AWP, Apple, DARPA, NSF- CUNY, and Juilliard ones, each a nonlinear stepping stone to significant growth.

This time, the reputation will be recognition for the HowardL brand, not something external. This means it is time to deliver some nonlinear value to the world, creating purpose by Harvesting Infinity from the MeaningPlace within.

Does it sound like a tall order? Well, not really. It is simply a continuation of the bundled habit loops, which have become a practice simultaneously more than and the same as merely practicing. How is that for some sort of a singularity or quantum entanglement? There are so many mixed metaphors, but in a sense, that is what Schrödinger has been telling us for a hundred years. The cat is both living and dead until we open the box.

Time to open the box!

Having been told, in one way or another, since I was in the second grade that my potential was off the charts for going on 65 years, I guess it is time to open the box. The phrases wafted through to a sometimes oblivious, perhaps sour grapes recipient and have been repeated enough, now for six and half decades are coming home to roost. Simply stated, now is the time!

Ah, but the time for what? 

I guess we have to open the box to find out during this Solstice Push!