Sometimes Can’t Stop

Day 106 Week 16 Q2 Monday, April 17, 2023

Have you ever been close to getting things almost exactly the way you wanted? And the schedule was not going to accept spending any more time? And you knew there were all kinds of things you just had to be doing. Did you follow the schedule and not get where you were going or did you break it and go for it and get things to the next level?

Is being managed more important than being true to yourself? Is being managed being true to yourself? Is not being willing to stop when you are making real progress unreasonable?  I guess it depends upon how you measure progress or being true to yourself.

Is the big picture always more important than the little picture? Or does the little picture determine the value of the big picture? What if there are many things you are committed to, but one of them is more important to you than all of the others?

Nonlinear accomplishment requires nonlinear effort. Sometimes the schedule has to be thrown out the window. Sometimes the budget has to be thrown away too. Do you actually know what matters most to you? And no, I am not discussing putting your hobbies before your family or paying the rent.

I am talking about what if you have the family and the rent covered but never got around to doing what you felt you needed to be alive. Is it worth getting up every morning to do the same old society-approved thing if your life does not have meaning?

Sometimes, being true to yourself is more important than being true to anything external. I am not preaching irresponsibility, I am preaching being true to yourself. No, you do not have to leave your home and spend your next nickel traveling the world. I am talking about taking a few hours one morning, skipping the gym and breakfast, and saying good morning to your mate because the thing you have been giving twenty minutes to might require three hours to do it right or as well as you can.

Remember, you are much more upset about what you did not do, or did not do to the best of your ability than sticking to your routine. If you never put forth any energy toward living up to your potential, you will be sorry!

Now your dreams and goals must be reasonable and not life-destroying, but a few hours here and there doing something all the way and reaching for your potential may be the most important thing you do in your entire life.

Is being true to yourself one of your priorities? You can not say you failed if you never tried. You are running out of time, as we all are. Whatever you think is the thing you really have to do, you better start now, as tomorrow is not guaranteed at all.

Go for it, and sometimes give yourself permission to say I can’t stop. At least until you have tried as hard as you can.