Spatial Organizing

Day 333 Week 49 Q4  Tuesday, November 29, 2022

As we all have entered this new hybrid world which is in part streaming and in part in person, how does this change our space requirements at home and at work, or are they now the same space?  Has your office sprung up with new microphones, lights, monitors and backdrops? Have the unsightly parts of your office been calling for an overhaul? Have the pile of printers you used to have out, including laser and inkjet and color laser, been sitting there unused? Do you have a lot more chargers and charring surfaces and power supplies and adaptors everywhere? Do you have a calendar on the wall from a few years ago?

Has the sum of all these smaller changes may have made your office dysfunctional or less functional or at a minimum suboptimal? Do you a pile of computers and of monitors that you are no longer using because the new ones are so much faster? And what about all those hard drives for backups? Have tiny SSDs and cloud accounts dramatically changed your backup world?

How about the table you may have had for meetings? Is it piled high with things because you have not had a meeting there in three years? In fact does your office reflect your current reality?

Perhaps our job has changed, or you have retired, or you have some new interests. Or you are working more from home, in which case your hobbies and professional life may be colliding or may have merged. Has your office become a studio or has your studio become an office or maybe a lab? Or is the same space an office, studio and lab? 

Does this space support provide moments of creativity? 

Basically, if you have had the same workspace for more than a few years, it is probably not working as well for you as it could be because the world has changed. And not just outside. Your inside world has also likely changed.

If you were entering this room for the first time, ought now, today, and it was completely empty, would you look around and say yes, this really is perfect for what I am doing and what I intend to be doing? If so, congratulations, you have been modifying and updating and adapting the space to the new you. Seriously that is terrific. 

For many of us, I suspect we have been too busy doing what we were doing to stop and modify and adapt, never mind to stop and design from scratch a space to perform to the current set of requirements. Now I know most of us are saying, sure, this is obvious, but I do not have enough time, and maybe money, to make these changes, and it will be so disruptive that it will destroy my workflow.

Perhaps your workflow needs to be destroyed because you are not likely the same person doing the same things using the same tools. And if you lost a week making the space you are spending half of your life in more supportive of your current goals, using current tools, you might turn out to be twice as productive and four times as happy.

Think about it. And if this does not apply to you as everything that I or anyone else says, ignore it. But if part of you is saying, hey I could design a much better environment to support the behaviors that are consistent with my current goals, then give it some thought. Nothing too drastic. Spend an hour or two imagining a different space organized around a different workflow.

Give yourself permission to change consciously, for most certainly you have been changing, and probably some of it was unconscious. And where has this brought you? Now you may not have changed, and your space may be perfect for you, so of course, disregard every word, and you have probably stopped reading this five minutes ago. 

But, on the other hand, if you already knew all of this and just needed a poke?