Speedy Simple

Day 071 Week 10 Q1 Tuesday, March 12, 2024

I am usually drawn to complexity initially, but then I feel bogged down by it and go to simplify to speed up. There’s a crazy part of me that needs to examine every option and every possibility, even if I find a solution that might be good enough.

When life is simple, it is also faster. There is generally not a need to examine a lot of options. And usually when I create many options, it is an escape. It is peculiar that when there aren’t any options, I’d love to create new ones because I’m addicted to creativity. But sometimes I feel like I am simply creating problems that are more easily solvable like having too many options, because then, whenever out of patience, I can shut the unneeded extra options and get down to a few simple, simple trade-offs.

Sometimes, creating options is easier for me than actually solving problems. It makes me feel smart and creative, but it doesn’t actually get rid of the problems. So, although it is true that having a great tool for the job makes the job go much more easily. If getting the right tool takes a lot of time and a lot of money it is often easier to just use the tool and get the job done right now.

I am not only addicted to creativity but also to degrees of freedom because having a tremendous amount of freedom permits me to be very creative, even if that creativity is superfluous. What do you say? How could creativity be superfluous? That’s easy; creativity is superfluous, and one is not helping you solve the problem.

Perhaps the real answer here is that I’m an artist and not an engineer, even though I studied science and engineering for 10 years in college. Artists create just to create unnecessarily to solve problems, while engineers create to solve problems.

The engineer in me feels that my creativity should solve problems, but perhaps what it needs to be doing is expressing itself, not solving any problems. The artist in me feels like the universe has impinged upon me today, and I feel the need to respond with some sort of response.

Perhaps the only problem I am solving is an internal problem of needing to create to support my identity. When things happen, I feel the need to explain them or respond to them, and that may be a drawing, a piece of music, or writing.

But this creates another problem: If you emanate as an artist, then your output has to be emotionally relevant, as opposed to simply solving a technical problem like designing a power supply. But in the artistic room, we are also designing a power supply, except the power supply is within us because we need to emanate, and we know that we’re going to need to be in the right frame of mind to do so.

In these situations, simple is much faster.