Spontaneous Delight

Friday, May 10, 2024, at 7:15:00 AM Eastern Daylight Time

Well, somehow, this morning, I felt like I had a hankering for some Indian percussion, and fortunately, there is a company called Lumbeat that has an Indian percussion app that runs on iPhones and iPads under IOS. Since 2020, when the MacBook Airs came out with an M1 processor, it became possible to run some phone applications on the computer. Fortunately, this is one of them that does work. Where else can you find an Indian percussion section complete with tabla and drone at six in the morning? You even have the option of specifying what pitch the drone is in as well as the tempo, complexity, intensity, and tie variation of the tabla. What a spontaneous delight, and of course, the percussion inspired me to pick up a guitar to play alone, and for some reason which I don’t quite understand, playing the guitar in the key of D while the drone was in the key of G perfectly fine maybe it’s like cross harmonica and the blues.

In any case, it was tough to stop playing. Fortunately, I hit the record button and, in a single unpremeditated first take, captured the soundtrack for today’s block posting. Since I had no idea what the settings on the Indian drummer application were, I took a screenshot of this, and this function as the image to accompany this block posting. And since this is a very full day and there wasn’t enough time to do a different journaling and block posting writing segment, I thought I’d combine the two right here. Why would the spontaneous delight be of any interest to create outliers? Simply as reinforcement, the kinds of things you do when you go down a role of having a new idea or something quite natural can generate quite a bit of delight. That’s why this column blog posting is called spontaneous delight..

I feel like I have woke in a different land and just had a couple of courses of a smorgasbord which had an infinitely large number of possibilities, but I took no time at all to examine or explore and simply pick the first one that came up and that did the t. I wasn’t even wholly awake, which perhaps deserves some of the responsibility for why this works so well. And while I am at it, I might mention that the guitar was plugged into my Mac using a USB cable, so there was no interface. This was a low-budget, low-effort effort. Roll out of bed and make some sound moments, and you might think it sounds like that as well, but I’m still digging it and plan for some more spontaneity in the future.