Stakeholder Convergence

Day 026 Week 04 Q1 Friday, January 26, 2024

Sometimes, when you are putting multiple irons in multiple stakeholder fires, things begin to align and converge. At times, this is because you have been paying forward for a while and have enough accumulated goodwill in multiple related areas.

In a single 48-hour period, three or four completely distinct individual relationships can come to fruition, which, in combination, can dramatically change one’s circumstances. The combined critical mass of stakeholders converging can cause a tipping point much greater than any of them singly.

Sometimes in this mix, other individuals show up with a great rap, but as they say in Texas Big Hat No Horses, It can be difficult to tell in advance who is real and who is not. But confluence comes in many flavors, some of which look better than they taste. And they may even look good and taste okay but ultimately be bad for you.

So, when the universe looks like it is lining up, take the time to investigate. Trust but verify.