State of Readiness

Day 131 Week 19 Q2 Friday, May 12, 2023

Creative Outliers have been around since society has converged on norms, probably even when we were all nomads and had not yet discovered agriculture forcing us to stay put in one place. But we may have been more incognito, as I would imagine all nomads did their own thing. Now millennia later, when our cover is blown and doing our own thing is more obvious than it used to be, we have extra layers of preparation to deal with our desire, not necessarily to converge on the majority points of view.  

We are not the first to deal with the problems of fitting into civilization. There is a body of knowledge collectively known as the wisdom literature which seems to have sprung into being wherever and whenever writing became embraced. We have had philosophers and philosophically oriented individuals wrestling with how to be in the world and what it all means since we had literature. I mean, what else would make more sense to write about when our writing implements required a lot more effort to use?

This wisdom literature has a lot to say that is still useful because we are genetically identical to those who wrote it thousands of years ago. This means we still have the same problems they did, and many of their conclusions are still recent to us.

The one I am thinking about when writing the phrase State of Readiness has been described in many cultures and in many languages, but all come down to a very similar message. Before you launch into your day, get ready. Some advocate meditation, paying attention to breathing, journaling, or performing various physical and/or psychological rituals, and all are trying to get to the same place. Everyone agrees it is worth getting ready to greet the day, and yes, this means at the beginning of the day, not the end of the day, because once the interruptions begin, they never cease.

For convenience, I call this getting into a State of Readiness, and I discovered that the rest of the day works better when I am prepared for it. Not all people have a morning routine to prepare them for the day. However, I have discovered creative outliers with their antenna and curiosity turned on and outward seem fairly distractible. After all, they probably notice more and may accept less, which places them on a path that can benefit from getting clearer and the sooner, the better.

Whether it is practicing psychology, philosophy, or simply chilling out, getting to a state where we are more ready to face the day has tremendous benefits to everything from longevity to productivity. If you have never thought about getting ready for the day, give it s shot. You will probably get more done daily and have more of them.