Stream-of-Consciousness CaptureĀ 

Day 067 Week 10 Q1 Friday, March 8, 2024

My best ideas always come about from a stream of consciousness. They are never carefully constructed, one word at a time, one note at a time, or one brushstroke at a time.  My unconscious mind does a much better job of creating high-quality content than my conscious mind. If I think the intellect is overrated.

This is why it is very important to have means to capture your stream of consciousness. And this is one of the greatest capabilities of the smartphone. You could literally make a recording or take a picture anywhere at any time in a moment.

Is the camera as good as a professional camera? Is the recording capability as good as that of a recording studio? No, of course, they are not, but what they do enable you to do is to be able to capture your stream of consciousness without breaking your stride, and that is worth a lot.

The best camera and recording studio you can have is the one that is with you all of the time, especially because the stream-of-consciousness creative process often freezes in front of a studio recording environment or in front of a camera on a tripod. People are most creative naturally when they are not attempting to capture; that is why having a low overhead capture mechanism is terrific. As speech recognition continues to improve, writers can also have a low overhead capture mechanism residing within their smartphones. 

The first thing is you have to show up as a creative entity, which means you believe yourself to be capable of a spontaneous utterance, image, generation, or music composition. Perfectionists need not apply here. Of course, your spontaneous utterances will not be perfect. Even professional writers need editors. And professional musicians need to be produced and directed. Photographers often have creative directors calling the shots literally. 

But unless the musician feels musical, the writer feels like an author, and the photographer thinks they have a good eye, they are not that likely to show up and engage in any of these three practices. Suppose these individuals feel capable in their domains enough to show up on a regular basis to engage in the appropriate processes to operate. In that case, there’s a chance of some wonderful germ of an idea being captured.

No, except in rare cases, it will not normally be ready to be published at that time, but at least you will have a record of your idea, as imperfect as it may be. Very few ideas are perfect in the details even though, conceptually, they seem to have great potential. 

This is why if you are a writer, you should write every day. And if you are a musician, you should play every day. And of course, if you were a photographer, you should take pictures every day.

The act of doing this routinely and daily, as I have it, forces you to improve, and it all begins with capturing your stream-of-consciousness.