Stream-of-Consciousness Development

Day 068 Week 10 Q1 Saturday, March 9, 2024

Just because you have captured some stream-of-consciousness, creativity does not mean that you are anywhere near done. It simply means that you did not lose it. But the fact that you did not lose it does not mean it is ready for publishing or for consumption by anybody other than you.

This is where stream-of-consciousness development comes in. You have to go through a development process, which may be as simple as editing grammatical errors or cutting off the silence at the end of an audio file, but it’s more likely to require more finessing and greater granularity of observation and evolution than that.

Showing up as a creative entity is certainly the first step, and you have to not only hemorrhage your ideas but capture enough of them to do something with them.

How much additional work is necessary can vary tremendously. A professional orchestra that has been playing together for years can record any of their performances and have something to release. A new rock band may need to spend a year in the studio to have something ready to release.

This difference between an hour and here is nontrivial. First of all, no one can afford to have an orchestra in the studio for a year; paying the salaries of 100 people is a lot more than paying for five.  Certainly, some writers require more editing than others. The creative process is a multi-step affair. It may begin with an idea and then move to capture some manifestation of that idea, and then move into making many changes and rejecting most of them.

The creative evolutionary process is constantly in flux and hopefully improving over time. When one gets to the point where results are no longer improving but getting worse, then it may be time to consider a new career or get other kinds of help.

The development of stream-of-consciousness emanations can vary from no help to a tremendous amount of help, and it can take minutes, hours, months, or even years. It can be extremely difficult to tell when a project is done or if it still needs more work, as it depends on the point of view. There’s a very large range of perfectionism and the ability to accept manifestations of new ideas.

What works brilliantly in a coffee shop and what is necessary on the concert stage are not the same thing. An excellent blog posting may make for a poor chapter in a book and vice versa.

There are many audiences and very many different requirements for any given work to develop to the degree necessary. But one thing is certain, there will be more work required and probably a lot more work so, although the initial stream of consciousness-creativity may be relatively effortless, the capture is not, and the further evolution is also not.

And all of these things are moving targets, thank God for life would be boring otherwise.