Strings Voices and Equations

Day 224 Week 33 Q3 Sunday, August 13, 2023

A very full day of related breakthroughs. As most popular music is vocal-centric it is thrilling to discover this latent ability which has been popping its head up for decades can actually be counted upon in a professional aside test situation with a failing house system for an other wise already logistically compromised outdoor local gig. First of all nuance is hard in outdoor street fairs even when they are an Art Walk. It is simply difficult to play slow mellow stuff outside in high ambient noise environments with intermittent sound systems provided by the venue. My gear, primarily inside my head which has finally transcended the psychological barriers which were far greater than any physiological barriers. The bottom line is outdoor solo guitar with bad sound is difficult. Not only was the system intermittent but also not a very good sounding one either. For live stuff with a lot of low end the is neither canned, compressed or produced. It would have been a good place for some foot pedal callable drum patches and my larger Bose L1. The good news is my voice was stronger than ever and more confident than ever which is also why it was stronger than ever.

Now that we have established the main instrument for popular music especially in an outdoor ambient street festival kind of situation has to be the human voice and that having one that is sonorous in the bass regions is particularly helpful and in fact criminal to not have been using it is time to turn to accompaniment and certainly solo guitar strumming is the lowest common denominator. Well maybe solo unplugged acoustic guitar with an unmixed voice is the most basic of all scenarios. In any case the desire to have piano like range especially into the low frequencies where they can play a combination tonal center and rhythm centric roles always brings up for either extended range or different register guitar type instruments like long and short scale basses, and seven string and baritone guitars.

These instruments are quite different tactically not only form each other but even internally over the range of strings. This brings up so much not always convergent empirical experimentation that it becomes time to retreat into my physicist roots and express an equation mathematically to better get my arms around the entire process and today I found out how to do this but within limited circumstances but most conveniently using the newly purchased note taking app called UpNote which supports TeX the language underlying LaTeX which is built into many Apple app like Pages, Notes and Keynote but does not work with Day One or MacJournal.

Now, today I have both better musical sonic vocal centric control and better understanding of the range and what can be done about the tactile discontinuities by using MATH!