Sustainability Platforms

Day 162 Week 24 Q2 Monday, June 12, 2023

When you are creative, you may embark upon very many different kinds of projects. You may even have multiple careers. In fact, it is likely. But one thing is certain; revenue must be a key component.  Even if it is inherited, there still has to be cash flow management for sustainability. Assuming you already have traction and have created either books or pieces of music or technical components and therefore have something to sell, how will you do this?

Even if they were those who would like to adopt what you have created, there still needs to be some sort of distribution channel. Sometimes this comes about through a publishing company for the kinds of creations second be copyrighted, and other times it comes about the company that sells products into a sales pipeline. But however it comes about it is worth considering that you do need to have a platform if you want to have steady revenue and be sustainable.

In today’s world, in 2023, in general, the World Wide Web and the Internet will be a substantial part of your platform.

Almost every enterprise, big and small, needs to have a website of some sort. It can be a simple as Facebook, although I don’t recommend it if you would like to have a professional demeanor to present yourself to the world.  Part of your digital platform includes, in addition to descriptions of what you offer and contact information, a visual representation of what you are offering.  This means, like it, or not, that you are engaging in a kind of branding exercise. If it is unconscious, it may work perfectly well. But if you are really interested in sustainability, you may want to pay some attention to branding.

If you know who your customers are, you might want to make your digital platform emotionally relevant to them. You do not need to be a source of entertainment, but you do need to encourage them, for there is a great deal of competition in the world, and you do need to stand out. And preferably in a consistent way.  This means if you have a product line of either goods or services, they should have something to do with each other in order to amortize communication efforts.

When entering it to new businesses, it may be necessary to create either new or supplemental websites to not confuse everyone about who you are and what you’re doing. This means you need to have some sort of digital strategy as a unified approach to communication and collateral materials

 is necessary to appear to be professional. Consistency tends to be very helpful when you’re trying to conduct business. This applies not only to your offerings and professional behavior but also to your brand. 

Think about what sort of platform you need to be sustainable.