SVIII Innovation Salon

Day 198 Week 29 Q3 Tuesday, July 18, 2023

The salon is held at High Noon on Fridays, Silicon Valley Time – The topics for these weekly interactive innovation conversations are how to evolve from a creative outlier to a sustainable innovator. Often these are conversational interviews; other times, expansions upon how what is happening in the world impacts the innovation process. Occasionally, the salon ends up as an extemporaneous workshop on innovation topics.   The weekly innovation Salon hosted by the founder of SVII and the executive director of SVIII is a post-pandemic international extension of what began in 2005 when SVII was founded to host monthly innovation programs. Over 100 in-person programs and meetings occurred, covering a very wide range of topics. See SVII.NET

These regional programs were held at multiple Silicon Valley locations ranging from the SVII offices to law firms, restaurants, and everything in between. Over a thousand people have attended SVII programs. Most in-person programs cost $40 and include dinner.

Now that virtual professional, educational, and personal relationships have all become commonplace, the notion of regionality can finally expand from regional proximity to ideational proximity.

The density of sustainable innovators is still the greatest in Silicon Valley, partly due to the Silicon Valley frame of mind. In tremendous contrast to most of the world, this has a model of abundance at its core. 

The High Noon Innovation Salon, held at SVIII.ORG, makes the Silicon Valley frame of mind available to the world at no cost. 

Innovation is primarily a nonlinear quantitive diminishing returns kind of process. It is neither linear, hierarchical, qualitative, nor algorithmic. In part, this is due to the fact that creative people rarely do things the same way and tend to shun repetition. Other places in the world are rich in intellect, creativity and capital. Still, Silicon Valley’s dramatic innovation success has eluded these other regions because they are poor in mindset. They simply do not understand as well what makes innovative people tick.

SVIII does. And in order to export this understanding, we needed to involve multiple time zones and lower the barrier to entry, impacting both scheduling and business model. Program Meeting durations have dropped from over 3 hours and requiring driving to under one hour. There is no fiscal cost to attend the High Noon Innovation Salon.

The range of programs that already included tech, culture and business is also expanding to include the psychology of innovation, innovation relationships such as innovation governance, and the emotional path from creative outlier to sustainable innovator because innovation is not just about information.

The two salon hosts, SVIII Founder Howard Lieberman and SVIII Executive Director Jitendra Mudhol, have each been involved in innovation in Silicon Valley for more than two decades.